Hooked on You: The Dead by Daylight Dating Sim Review

If you’re stranded on an island and have lost your memory, don’t be surprised if you hear voices in your head. Well maybe it is, especially if the voice is a cynical narrator who likes to argue with the ocean. That is exactly the case with Hooked on You. As is typical for the genre, we are a nameless and almost characterless character whose only goal is to find out what’s going on at all. The narrator’s voice in the head guides the player through the not-so-serious story.

In a more normal universe, we’d be handed a volleyball by a group of pretty youngsters waiting for us to play a little. But not with Hooked on You: Here we are asked by the menacing and, according to the narrator, extremely good-looking killers to return the ball. From there the wacky story about an involuntary Casanova and the search for happiness in love begins. This offers some surprises and embarrassing moments. We have tested the game extensively and would like to pass on our dating skills to you.

The trapper flexes his muscles in his lair.

Source: PC Games

Big, muscular and coarse, the trapper will address you as a hollow pear. He immediately outed himself as a rich narcissist who despises weakness. Gradually, the other three monsters also have their say.
The huntress is also muscular, but much more lovable. Through her slightly blood-smeared rabbit mask, large, glowing eyes stare penetratingly at you. The naive girl is prone to impulsive strokes with the axe.

It’s quite different with the spirit. He’s the sensitive part of the squad. He generally prefers to stay away from others, is not particularly popular with his fellow killers, and is prone to depression. Tanned in a Hawaiian shirt and shy in his manner, he steps out of line when he greets them.

The final dating partner, the ghost, doesn’t just have a split personality. Her limbs are severed and, like herself, hover in the air most of the time. We already know that from Dead by Daylight. She is romantic, likes to read and enjoys discussing the endless emptiness and meaninglessness of existence. In general, there are many things that she does not like.

The trickster appears sporadically as a supporting character, but is not available as a dating partner. Important, however, are still Claudette and Dwight. The two act as a kind of tour guide of the mysterious holiday paradise.

They take care of the “schedule” which, for whatever reason, must be strictly adhered to, thus leading from scene to scene and interrupting any possible dalliance with their inappropriate performances. As prisoners on the island, they have no choice in their day-to-day business, as a force far greater and more terrifying than the monsters is behind all of this.

Claudette and Dwight are trapped on the island for eternity.

Claudette and Dwight are trapped on the island for eternity.

Source: PC Games

When questioned by four sexy killers, we should choose our answers wisely. The first round of questions already shows how absurdly funny the humor in Hooked on You is. The narrator breaks the fourth wall and points out that the answers are “super important” to the progression of the game, only to admit that he has no idea if they have any real meaning. The moments with the narrator create atmosphere and round off the conversations.

Simple question-and-answer rounds about favorite color, favorite superpower, and whether we’re more vanilla, chocolate, or horsemeat types of ice cream all increase a certain character’s affection, depending on the outcome. Later on, we have to think a lot more about the questions and show skill in recognizing the right interests of the potential love partner, which can mean the difference between life and death. It does happen that if the answer is wrong, the ocean gets involved and forces the player to like chocolate mint ice cream. Yes, the ocean is indeed an important character.

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