"Hope they don’t see us again": The summer break from the point of view of an unemployed football professional

Melvyn Lorenzen (on the ball) here in the Bremen game against Bayern in March 2016. Image: IMAGO / Schreyer / IMAGO / Schreyer

In March 2016, Melvyn Lorenzen played one more half for Werder Bremen against FC Bayern Munich. The opponents for the now 27-year-old are currently SV Quitt Ankum, KFC Uerdingen and Eintracht Rheine. Lorenzen is currently without a club and is completing the training camp of the Association of Contract Footballers (VDV).

While the preparations for Bundesliga pros are over and the season begins at the weekend, the participants in the current VDV training camp are still worried about their future. 15 players without a contract are being coached by former Bundesliga coach Peter Neururer. They complete training sessions and compete in friendlies, similar to how the professional clubs are doing in the current preparation.

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