Hope wrong number

Always the numbers tell the truth they declare out there. Figures, numbers and statistics disguised as reports to hide their stench but that only demonstrate but do not solve, are depressing.

According to the SOS Children’s Villages Organization, last year our country ranked first in child sexual abuse with 5.4 million cases per year. It is not surprising; From previous years and according to data published by UNICEF, the United States, Mexico and Portugal were countries where the mortality of minors due to physical abuse was high. In these countries, the rate of mortality was 10 or 15 times higher than the rest of the developed nations.

Unfortunately and despite all the advances – with statistical cretins – little information is still available on the global social cost of violence against children (especially girls). Maybe if you know, because you must know the economic costs that this implies, that is why it is disguised.

It is common sense that violence against women and girls increased during the confinement caused by the COVID pandemic. Unanswered or unattended calls where incidents of sexual abuse, harassment, rape and family violence occurred against girls and boys cannot be enumerated.

According to data presented last year by Children’s Villages, it is estimated that one in four girls suffers from rape before reaching the age of majority. I helplessly write that according to these data, in early childhood (up to 5 years) the aggressors are usually 30% stepfathers, in another 30% grandparents and caregivers or other close family in the remaining 40%. Ultimately, these famous numbers are estimates, because the black figure will never be revealed.

Since 2012, every October eleventh the International Day of the Girl is commemorated, as a reminder to society and the government, that the simple fact of having been born a girl does not determine a person’s opportunities to have access to health, education and protection. Today the challenges are more than yesterday. None received a cure, on the contrary received a multiplier effect with different shades.

The fulfillment of human rights towards girls has not been satisfactory. Women and girls continue to suffer disadvantages, from the basic ones to in areas such as political participation, economic opportunities and others that generate well-being for them. Every day, perhaps without knowing it or knowing it, they are faced with serious threats.

I am the father of a beautiful girl. Paola, Emma Elena and the writer are a beautiful family. We were not born as parents, we made mistakes and a lot, but love and the hope of a better destiny cling us to the task of doing things better according to our designs.

I don’t like the world Emma will live with when she grows up (she is still three years old). I do not like to listen, read, if I want to pronounce words like genital mutilation, child marriage, forced sexual relations, inequality, little opportunity, no sexual education, no menstrual hygiene … in short, they are topics that are the daily occurrence and with the that we have to fight.

I know that from my trench I am not going to change this, but I also know that the education that my girl has – and will continue to have – at home will embolden her to achieve gender equality as a matter of essential and inalienable human rights as a precondition. for true development.

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