Horizon Forbidden West: An Aloy cosplay in armor and with a bow and arrow

Aloy is everywhere. The protagonist of Horizon Zero Dawn has achieved great popularity: Guerrilla Games managed, a few years ago, to create a video game capable of combining a desire for adventure and exploration, with a female protagonist who is not always present in the videogame world. Obviously, even outside the game, everything is booming.

With the release of Horizon Forbidden West, the second game of the saga officially published in early 2022, the brand is back to work thus allowing merchandising to flourish. On the net you can admire countless Aloy action figures and puppets, but not only. In fact, with the return of the Guerrilla Games game, the objects that allow you to perform cosplay of the protagonist of Horizon are also selling out.

Throughout the series, Aloy wears various armor, with cosplayer Ketrin deciding to present a character dressed differently than usual. This Aloy cosplay in black armor it is very different from the classics, when the girl wears fur garments in blue shades. This time it’s covered in black metal and she’s also wearing a mask that covers her face. Do you prefer the normal Aloy or did you like this change for the protagonist of Horizon Forbidden West?

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