Horoscope: How do you react to problems according to your sign?

Use our emotional intelligence to solve problems is a marathon task. Only some signs have that ability to control and react. Gemini and Sagittarius are a clear example of this. On the other hand, Cancer and Pisces they can’t handle their temper and easily explode.

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He does whatever it takes to clear his mind and then plunges headlong into the crisis. But if the solution is not in his hands, he gets stressed.


He hates problems and always asks for help to solve them. However, he would prefer someone else to take care of them.


Never stays spinning on the same conflict. If he is in his hands, he seeks to solve them; and if not, turn the page. Use your emotional intelligence.


First he gets in a bad mood, explodes, gives a few screams and then he reflects and looks for answers. Stop being so explosive, Cancer!


As a good king of the jungle, Leo is an expert in resolving a crisis. Although he is a bit haughty, no one can deny that he has the perfect strategies.


He withdraws into himself and does not rest until he finds an escape route. If he doesn’t get it, he reflects and starts from scratch.


Look for any distraction to forget about problems. He turns a blind eye and leaves it to others to solve.

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It gets overwhelmed very quickly when hit with issues and blows up in a matter of seconds. Also, his pride does not let him ask for help.


He doesn’t like to lose control, so he will spend hours trying to find a solution. He is unstoppable and obstacles are his motivation.


This earth sign is usually pessimistic and sinks if something goes wrong or changes their plans. Instead of looking for ways out, he abandons everything.


You have to distract your mind to find answers. First he relaxes and then he takes the bull by the horns. Ask for help if needed.


In just two words: He’s crazy! He doesn’t manage his impulses, but deep down he just wants to get out of the problem quickly so as not to harm the rest.


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