Horoscope: What do you do when you can’t sleep according to your sign?

Can’t you fall into the arms of Morpheus (god of dreams in Greek mythology)? Did you know that the stars can also influence the activities you should do to fall asleep? Here we tell you how to rest well according to your Zodiac sign.


When he can’t sleep, he becomes more active by exercising, playing his favorite video game, or tidying up his room. Try to expend all the energy you have.

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Look for a movie on a streaming platform (Netflix, Amazon), preferably suspenseful because that makes you release adrenaline. Another option is to start a series.


He immediately gets in touch with other people who also suffer from insomnia: hey! Are you awake? Tell me something! They start talking for hours.

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Listen to music, read a book or watch a romantic movie, if you are in a phase where love keeps you up at night. If not, turn everything off and look at the ceiling.


She applies some beauty treatment, but most likely she wants to play and to do so she annoys her friends, calling them or sending them messages.


Clean the house, it is very common in Virgos because they love order and take advantage of time. If that’s not enough, do a few stretches to relax your body.


When he can’t sleep, he picks out his clothes for the next day. When he gets tired, he makes popcorn to watch a movie.


Explore the most seedy corners of the city… through Google Maps. If he gets bored, he starts looking for the strangest animals in the world or the reason for things.


She goes to the kitchen to prepare a tea, thinks for a moment about the things she would like to do with her life, and then returns to her room yawning.


Take the opportunity to finish any little work that has been left pending. If not, he also goes to the reading, drinking his favorite juice.


If you can’t sleep, fill that time with an artistic activity such as: painting or drawing. And if inspiration doesn’t strike, he goes online and starts chatting with friends.


He makes a count of everything he did during the day and the activities he will do the next day. This generates mental fatigue and sleep.


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