Horoscope: What kind of brother are you according to your zodiac sign?

Zodiac sign. Having a brother or sister in your life makes a difference. From a young age we learn to live with another person, either smaller or older than us. And each person behaves differently as a brother, that is due to the personality, but also because the stars influence. Find out below.

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You cannot avoid getting into arguments with your siblings. You love to show that you are right and that they are wrong.


The relationship with people of your blood will always be nostalgic. Well, at times it is difficult for you to express what you feel.


You need a close bond with your siblings, so when they don’t do family activities, you get very frustrated.


You enjoy sharing with your siblings and it makes you feel sorry that you don’t do it enough, since you are always working.


You are very concerned about your siblings, a part of you does it excessively, while another does not. That behavior raises problems.


With your siblings you are like a friend, they can talk about absolutely everything and you are always there to shake hands when they need it.


If there is something that you value in the relationship you have with your siblings, it is the advice they can give you. If you have doubts, you turn to them.


Your relationship is as if, deep down, they were twins and they knew what each other thinks, or how they are going to act at all times.


There is no family gathering where your siblings don’t make you happy. Without a doubt, the relationship you have with them is healthy and fun.

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You have a good bond with your siblings, but you can’t help but compete with them, even when it comes to the silliest things.


It can be said that you do not have a normal relationship with your siblings, but rather that you fulfill a role of mother or father with them.


It is the brother or sister pimp, the one who listens to everything without judging and without telling your parents. And if you are the oldest, you have to take care of that dreamy little angel so that nothing happens to him.


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