Horror crash only narrowly escaped: strong crosswind on landing

As the Airbus A321neo by Azores Airlines on December 28, 2021 at Ponta Delgada Airport on the Azoren-Insel Sao Miguel touched down, it should have shaken the passengers properly. As the video of the landing shows, they narrowly escaped a horror crash.

After the machine touches the ground, it hops up again, gets into a dangerous lateral position and almost touches with the right engine the runway. As can be seen from the description of the YouTube video, the machine then became one technical review subjected to which, however, no irregularities could be found.

Allegedly, the Airbus was brought to Lisbon and examined more closely. The machine spent a few days in the hangar. The plane is now with me the identifier CS-TSH back in the air.

Flock of birds occupy parking space

“I feel like this is a bad sign” is meme-like over the video. The pictures of that flock of birdshogging a supermarket parking lot actually look like a bad omen. At least the shots remember that from Texas come from horror film classics.

Sheep form a heart formation

Because the farmer couldn’t attend his deceased aunt’s funeral, he came up with something special. He distributed the fodder to the flock of sheep in a field shape of a heart. When he released the sheep for the food, the eating sheep formed a heart formation.

5,200 drones ensure a spectacular light show

The light show with 5.200 coordinated Drones brought the team of “High Great Drone” an entry in the Guinness Book of Records. The drone show was held to mark the 100th anniversary of the Chinese Communist Party.

How celebrities feel at an awards gala

A YouTuber has one camera operator played, which took the celebrities in front of the lens at the gala as part of the Cannes Film Festival. You can see from the faces that they are through the extreme closeness of the cameraman not feeling well.

What happens when you destroy gas burners in a hydraulic press

Not enough? Then take a look at last week’s “Ins Netz Gone”. There you can see, among other things, what happens when you destroy gas burners in a hydraulic press.

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