Hospital San Martín, pioneer in a technique to treat arrhythmias

Hospital San Martín, pioneer in a technique to treat arrhythmias

The electrophysiology room of the San Martin

With the incorporation of a technology that allows treating arrhythmias with cold to return the heart to its normal rhythm safely and quickly, the Hospital San Martín de La Plata began to perform the novel procedure of cardiac cryoablation, which makes it a pioneer within your subsector.

To carry out this procedure against one of the main pathologies of the heart, a cause of death throughout the world, the Electrophysiology Unit of the La Plata hospital works with specific equipment for the development of cold ablations, which is the first and only in the field. provincial public.

For this technique, a modern console is used that, by freezing the tissue, allows to cure different electrical pathologies of the heart, which constitutes a great advance for public health in the treatment of patients with frequent cardiac arrhythmias, such as atrial fibrillation and punctual ablations near of the normal electrical system of the heart.

“We improved the infrastructure and equipped the Electrophysiology Unit with highly complex technology to prioritize care and thus add complex ablations such as the cryoablation procedure, which is performed by the team with a high level of excellence,” celebrated doctor Graciela Ramos, director of the San Martin Hospital.

After this new achievement, the Hospital aspires to carry out a volume of 300 procedures in the year, in charge of the Cardiology service headed by Dr. Luis Medesani, which has the staff of Drs. Daniel Camerini, Enrique Monjes and Ángel Alarcón.

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