Host of “Netas Divinas” would leave the program for "fault" Galilea Montijo

Before the changes that have originated in the program “Sale el Sol” ensure that Natalia Téllez will become the new host, so she would leave “Divine Net”, where it has become one of the fundamental pieces and they already blame Galilea Montijo.

Through social networks it is rumored that his departure could be due to the recent addition of Galilea Montijo to the program.

In The Truth News We have let you know that when Natalia Téllez left the morning “Hoy” it was speculated that it was as a result of a bad relationship with the star conductors Galilea Montijo and Andrea Legarreta.

Natalia Téllez would leave “Netas Divinas”

Natalia Tellez

Natalia Téllez would be out of Netas Divinas.

As revealed by the entertainment journalist Alex Kaffie, the host Natalia Téllez would join the morning show ‘Sale el Sol’, as the new host.

Similarly, various media assure that the host would join the new talent of Imagen Tv, although Natalia wants to be part of both television stations Televisa would have offered her other projects, so that this did not happen.

It will be a matter of weeks to find out if Natalia Téllez leaves Netas Divinas, where she has managed to win the hearts of the audience, due to her characteristic sense of humor and where she has revealed details of her time as a new mother.

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Divine Nets with Galilee

Galilea Montijo

They affirm that Galilea Montijo does not fit in Netas Divinas.

Other rumors that have emerged is that the host Galilea Montijo would be responsible for the departure of Natalia Téllez from “Netas Divinas”, as tension has been perceived between the celebrities.

For her part, Galilea Montijo has not been accepted by the public of “Netas Divinas”, as they assure that her personality does not “fit” with the project.

Although the drivers of “Divine Net” They have assured that they are delighted that Galilea Montijo is part of the program, affirms that the alleged departure of Natalia Téllez would show the bad relationship she has with her companions.

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