House IX, capable of emerging from the earth in a few minutes and returning to a buried position

The architect Miquel Subiràs and his studio team Bianna Creative Lab (BCL) designed and built in Gerona (Catalonia, Spain), a house capable of emerging from the depths of the earth in just six minutes and sinking back remaining hidden, out of sight and out of the landscape, autonomously or as required by its occupants.

This building that BCL describes as “the first architectural project conceived as a space in movement“, I know denominates IXa term that comes from the verb ‘eixir’, which means ‘go out’ in Balearic, a dialect of Catalanwhich is spoken in the Balearic Islands, they explain from this study.

The Dynamic Architecture System IXoffers different models, adaptable to urban or natural environments and designed to provide solutions to different sectors such as residential, hotel, business, leisure, according to BCL.

$!Protruding structure of the first house of project IX.

Projecting structure of the first house of project IX.

Its movement of ascent and descent is very little perceptibleand can be controlled in two ways: Basic and Eco.

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In Basic mode, the user can decide where to position the passenger compartment with respect to the outside, depending on their needs.Meanwhile in Eco mode, IX raises or lowers autonomously, depending on surrounding conditions, such as outside temperature, wind or sunshine.

Thanks to its advanced engineering and through a powerful hydraulic system, house IX manages to rise in a few minutes from a buried position to be at ground leveloffering to the eyes of an observer, the appearance of a conventional static dwelling.

IX is an architectural space that can emerge from the ground and also disappear, without a trace, when it is to be protected or not used.” according to Subiràs, who leads BCL together with businessman Jordi Sala.


$!A person can feel free and at the same time protected within the IX house.

A person can feel free and at the same time protected within the IX house.


Is machine and habitat at the same timewhere construction and engineering techniques are combined, is an exponent of a new concept of habitability: dynamic architectureconsisting of constructions capable of moving, spaces that emerge and hide, according to the needsaccording to BCL.

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They point out that the manufacture of 9th house and its hydraulic system, which is appropriate to the proportion of the space and allows it to rise and fall, is of a modular type and follows an industrial production process.

A team of seventy professionals has worked on its design and manufacture, including engineers, architects and assemblers.

The production of the 9th house follows an approved and certified process that meets all safety and control requirements, being projected, manufactured and supplied ‘turnkey’ from Gerona (Girona, in Catalan), where the company operates its production center, of more than 14,000 square meters .

$!The IX house becomes visible when it begins to emerge from the earth.

The IX house becomes visible when it begins to emerge from the earth.

We have to move towards more and more efficient manufacturing processes to create a more precise and faster architecture, in an evolution of the architecture towards the machine. Build less and manufacture more”, they emphasize.

This work of BCL rethinks a priority element of any cabin: protection. “At IX, the spaces can no longer be exposed to the elements and inclement weather, which are changing every day, to obtain safer and more sustainable spaces.” stand out.

A) Yes, the space of this house is able to adapt according to the temperatures, humidity, insolation, becoming more efficientpoint.

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By hiding IX in a few minutes, the erosion that it would suffer if it were permanently exposed to the open air can be well as avoiding other physical attacks, points out Subiràs.


This house has been designed and built under the premise that when it is not being inhabited, it can disappear from sight so as not to occupy a visual space, reinforcing the value of the environment, both in natural and urban spaces, according to BCL.

$!The first house of the IX project in an advanced stage of its rise.

The first house of the IX project in an advanced stage of its rise.

It makes no sense that the environment, whether it is some vineyards or a boulevard located in the middle of the city, is visually altered if we do not make use of an architectural space”, according to the proposal of this study.

The modular and dynamic design and technology of IX can be applied to make different spaces dynamic (apartments, homes, offices, studios, car parks, hotel rooms, gyms, recreational or cultural facilities), of different sizes and levels of height and burial, and can be integrated into other architectural projects, depending on BCL.

Besides the first house IXwhich will function as a creative center, BCL has completed another construction of this type where the movement will be at the service of a funeral home for animals, which when hiding, disappears and leaves a space in the forest, allowing a farewell in a natural environment of great beauty with the intimacy that this ritual demands.

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Likewise, the future incorporation of this system in some warehouses and in two public buildings is being studied.

Their common denominator is that emerge and hide according to useproviding the best thermal and environmental conditions at all times, add from BCL.

$!Three stages of the downward movement of the IX house.

Three stages of the downward movement of the IX house.

The system ix it can be conceived as a complement to the existing architecture, as a space for guests in an already built house, a place to telework or a room in a restaurant or a hotel complex (“resort”), according to Subiràs.

It is interesting to house spaces linked to the natural environment, such as viewpoints or refuges, and it is also ideal for locating shops, kiosks or cafes in emblematic spaces of a city, without permanently affecting its appearance, he specifies.

From a geological point of view, IX can be implanted in any type of terrain, although it will always be easier if the terrain is not rocky and if the water table (upper level of groundwater) is not a problem, explains Subiràs.

$!Sequence of the IX house entering the earth, distant view.

Sequence of the IX house entering the earth, distant view.


+ the 9th housea construction that is habitat and machine at the same timecan be raised from an underground position of up to six meters, in six minutes, allowing its user to go from introverted to extraverted spaces, from bright spaces to dark ones, according to its designer, the architect Miquel Subiràs.

+ This moving architecture system can not only be applied to homes, but it can also energize different spaces that disappear from view when they are not used or inhabited, such as offices, hotels, car parks and gyms, according to Subiràs, who leads Bianna Creative Lab (BCL).

+ The IX system can work in natural environments, where its virtue of disappearing makes it respectful of the environment, and urban where its presence does not change the features of the city. It allows you to protect yourself and hide in adverse climates, whether due to temperature or inclement weather, explains Subiràs.

By Ricardo Segura EFE/Reports.

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