House of the Dragon: the sex scenes deciphered by the series’ intimacy coordinator

Since the emergence of the #MeToo movement in the United States, intimacy coordinators have had a very important role on film sets. The American channel HBO has also concluded an agreement according to which if there is nudity, it requires an intimacy coordinator. That of House of the Dragon confides in the scenes of the series.

Miriam Lucia is one of the most active privacy coordinators in the industry. She can boast of having worked on the biggest productions. Among them, House of the Dragon. She talks about her business. Sexual content and nudity are part of the seriesrecognizes the intimacy coordinator who adds, “they are part of its essence, but we are in a new era”. “I was invited from the beginning to participate in rehearsals, discussions, general rehearsals, so that everyone knows who I am”tells Miriam Lucia at the American site Deadline. She further explains: “My job is to make sure there’s a safe environment. And that was evident on House of the Dragon. It was very clear that the way to approach sex scenes and informing the actors of what was expected of them was different”welcomes the privacy coordinator.

Intimacy coordinators are in high demand by the HBO channel

“HBO has now put in place an agreement that if there is nudity or simulated sex in its dramas, an intimacy coordinator is expected on set.underlines Miriam Lucia. However, this agreement is flexible with regard to intimate scenes like childbirth. Actress Sian Brooke [qui joue la reine Aemma Arryn dans House of the Dragon, ndlr] felt that my presence made her more comfortable”.

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Miriam Lucia: “I am not a psychologist, nor a therapist”

Present on the set, Miriam Lucia intervenes if she feels “that someone is having difficulty”, as Emily Carey put it in a recent interview with Newsweek about her sex scene in the fourth episode of House of the Dragon. For those who haven’t seen it, the scene evoked involves actress Emily, who was only 18 when filming, her character Alicent being forced to have sex with her much older husband. “I’m not a psychologist or a therapist. I’m an actress, who is also an acting coach and became an intimacy coordinator. I always do all three. So I think my work as an acting coach helps me understand how an actor works, how he processes information, how he then translates it into his physical action, and if it makes sense“, explains Miriam Lucia. Season 1 of House of the Dragon continues on screen, in France on OCS, with in particular an unmissable episode 5, while fans will discover new actresses in the roles of Rhaenyra and Alicent the following week, during episode 6.

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