House of the Dragon: This actress isn't coming back for season 2 after all

House of the Dragon: This actress isn’t coming back for season 2 after all

It has long been speculated that we will see young Rhaenyra Targaryen, played by Milly Alcock, again in Season 2 of House of the Dragon. There was a time jump in season one since Rhaenyra was played by another actress. Nevertheless, many fans had suspected that we would see the young dragon rider again in the form of flashbacks in season two. But the actress herself now gives a clear rejection.

Young Rhaenyra does not return

Milly Alcock was actually able to convince many fans in her role as the young dragon rider Rhaenyra Targaryen. And she was also nominated for one or the other prize. That’s why many fans hoped that she would return for a second season. Then of course not in the form of normal scenes, after all Rhaenyra has been embodied by Emma D’Arcy since the time jump in episode six.

But flashbacks would have been possible, for example. Or dream sequences. Or something else. But no, unfortunately that will not happen. Actress Milly Alcock finds clear words in an interview with Deadline: “No, it’s done”.

“House of the Dragon changed my life”

But the interview isn’t just about her potential return to Westeros. She also talks about the impact the HBO series has had on her and her life: “(House of the Dragon) completely changed my life very quickly and it will never be the same again. Now I can finally do all the wonderful, amazing things I’ve always wanted to do and I’m still finding what (exactly) that is”.

The prequel series to Game of Thrones was definitely a career springboard for the young actress. She also spoke about her great successes at a young age: “Your dreams shouldn’t come true at 21 and 22. It shouldn’t be allowed. I need to pull myself together a little more – I shouldn’t be unsupervised in everyday life even that young.”.

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Alcock is currently working on a theatrical production of “The Crucible” and plays one of the leading actresses. And in the future she will definitely be seen in other film and series productions. We still have to wait at least a year for season two of House of the Dragon. But that’s how long you could start a rewatch of Game of Thrones, right? One of the stars from the parent series recently revealed why he can’t do anything with House of the Dragon at the moment.

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