Housing raises parking fees in Umeå municipality: “Can double the price on average”

For tenants without a parking space, the new prices will apply from December 1, 2022. For those who have a parking space today, the increased fees will apply from January 2024.

– We want to change for the future and take our social responsibility. It is part of reaching the climate goals for 2050 and the tenants’ travel accounts for a large part of the emissions. We also haven’t made any price increases for a long time and we need a price model that harmonizes with other players, says Anders Hugosson.

Strives for a more even level

According to the market manager, prices have so far been varied.

– In some places it has been very cheap, but now it will be a more even level everywhere. Then the car parks have different qualities that determine how big the increase will be, for example if you have a heated garage, carport or the possibility of charging equipment.

How this increase affects tenants looks different. A tenant, who lives in Öst på stan, says that the parking fee will now increase from SEK 320 to SEK 850 a month.

“Perhaps not received so positively”

Is this price increase reasonable?

– The mapping we have done shows that we will then be at a reasonable level and the idea is that people who today pay less should have time to readjust and think about their car use.

How do you think this news will be received?

Regardless of whether it is a rent increase or an increased cost, it arouses emotions. It may not be received so positively, but we hope that the reflection period makes it easier.

Depending on which zone you belong to and which characteristics your parking space has, the new price is defined. Photo: The residence

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