“How a company can be so crappy”: Katja Burkard angry at Deutsche Bahn

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Katja Burkard is upset about Deutsche Bahn. (Photo collage) © Screenshots Instagram/katja_burkard_official

As a moderator, Katja Burkard travels a lot to different cities. Because her last connections were delayed, she expressed her anger on Instagram. There she scolded the Deutsche Bahn.

Cologne – Katja Burkard (57) travels a lot as a presenter. For this, the “point 12” awareness often uses the train to get from A to B. So it went on a shoot to Baden-Baden, where she also accompanied her hair and make-up artist, as she let her fans know via train selfie on Instagram.

Katja Burkard angry about the train delay

Katja Burkard can only rave about the day of shooting: “We had a really great and, above all, inspiring shoot in Baden-Baden,” she writes about a selfie with her companion. But with her two trips, first from Cologne to Baden-Baden and then back again, Burkard was apparently not as satisfied as she makes clear in her Instagram story. With an evil smiley, she writes: “Simply without words…”

Burkard explains her displeasure: “It’s just hopeless. Went from Cologne to Baden-Baden yesterday, three hours late. We couldn’t take the first train because otherwise we wouldn’t have gotten the connecting train. Now we stand here for the next half hour.”

“How a company can be so crappy”: Katja Burkard angry at Deutsche Bahn

At least one ray of hope: the air conditioning is running, the presenter explains. Nevertheless, Katja Burkard is really angry: “So: I just don’t understand how a company can be so shitty.”

In front of the TV camera in the green screen studio, the 57-year-old reported on a “walking handicap”. Katja Burkard couldn’t walk on the set of “Punkt 12” in a tight skirt and high heels. Sources used: instagram.com/katja_burkard_official

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