How a German wants to clean up Twitter & Co

On the one hand, we guarantee social networks, for example, that there is a real person behind every user. They can use it to protect their communities, for example from bots, but also from data leaks. On the other hand, we guarantee users that we will delete all data immediately after logging in. We only forward a unique number to website or app providers. Outside of this application, the data cannot be used at all because it cannot be assigned.

Who already uses this software?

We are now integrated on several websites, including some smaller social media sites and also in the whistleblowing section. How social networks deal with difficult situations needs to change. We, as societies, need something other than total lockdowns.

With our project we want to contribute to the fact that there are better solutions and new approaches. The motto “Let’s delete and block everything bad!” In fact, we don’t think it’s a good or democratic approach.

Bastian Purrer
Bastian Purrer (Source: private)

Musk also spoke of wanting to authenticate all users on Twitter in the future. However, he also does not want a real name requirement in order to protect anonymity. That almost sounds like your project, doesn’t it?

It would be a possible approach, yes. Anyone who is currently blocked can create a new account within a few minutes. This means rules cannot be enforced and there is no credibility in a social network. We need to bring the offline world into the online world. If you behave badly in real life, you will eventually have no friends. However, this principle does not exist online. Everyone should only be allowed to have one vote on the Internet. On the other hand, anonymity is important, especially for underprivileged groups such as activists or sexual minorities.

Many fear that with Elon Musk, hate will return to Twitter.

“Back” is good, it implies that the current situation is satisfactory. But she isn’t. Bots and automated accounts manipulate the discourse. Lies, racism and hate campaigns have it easy. Some feel harassed and insulted, others restricted and censored. Balancing that is a big challenge. But Musk has both the intellectual and financial capabilities to do so. The solution for the Internet is: Set standards that create trust. Others will then emulate them because they don’t want to be at a competitive disadvantage. What is also currently missing is transparency. If you delete, then you should at least say what, why and how exactly the algorithm works.

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