How a gross email error could send a conspirator to jail

Alex Jones, an American conspirator known for spreading Covid lies, is on trial for saying a mass shooting at a school in the United States didn’t actually happen. His attorneys mistakenly sent evidence to plaintiffs’ attorneys.

You really have to check who you are sending emails to, especially when you are a lawyer. And, all the more so when one is responsible for assisting a personality as special as Alex Jones, an American conspirator, during a highly publicized trial.

Unfortunately for Alex Jones, his lawyers probably didn’t pay enough attention, as footage released by CNN. The latter would have sent by mistake an email to the lawyers of the plaintiffs, providing them at the same time with numerous proofs that Alex Jones had lied to the judges. An act of perjury, which could send him to prison.

It’s not going well for Alex Jones. // Source : Law&Crime Network / YouTube

A defamation lawsuit

Alex Jones is one of America’s best-known conspirators, for his absolutely insane statements. Among his most publicized conspiracy theorieswe find his declaration on the weather weapons that the American government would possess, the fact that chemicals in water “would make” gay frogs “, or the fact that Hillary Clinton would have directed a pedophile ring from the basement of a pizzeria in Washington.

But, if he is currently on trial, it is for another of his statements. Following the horrific mass shooting at the US school in Sandy Hook in 2012, Alex Jones said it was really just a set-up, and no child was said to have died: all the people on the ground would, according to him, have been actors. The parents of the child victims have filed a complaint against him, and he must now answer in a US court for defamation.

During the trial, Alex Jones repeatedly denied having exchanged emails or text messages about Sandy Hook. All exhibits he provided and statements he made are under oath.

Oh the dumpling. // Source : Law&Crime Network / YouTube

However, the lawyers of the parents of the victims of Sandy Hook obtained evidence that Alex Jones had lied. His lawyers would have sent by email and by mistake a huge file, containing the entire history of the telephone of Alex Jones for the last 2 years. The file contains screenshots and evidence that the conspirator did send messages about the killings. So they have confirmation that he committed perjury — an act punishable by several years in prison and a heavy fine.

The trial session during which the lawyer for the victims told Alex Jones everything he knew, which took place on August 3, 2022, was broadcast on social networks. The moment when the conspirator realized his situation is already becoming a cult.

Thanks to the documents that the lawyers obtained, they also discovered that Alex Jones’ site, InfoWars, earned up to $800,000 a day. They obtained many other financial information that the conspirator had never revealed.

Internet users are now wondering how Alex Jones’ lawyers could have been so clumsy, and above all, not to warn the conspirator of their error. As can be seen in the trial video, opposing counsel tipped them off and told them that he had received the documents in error — Alex Jones’ attorneys simply did not take the necessary steps to argue their right to confidentiality.

Shortly after the end of the session, the team of judges in charge of the investigation into the invasion of the Capitol which occurred on January 6, 2021, in which Alex Jones is implicated, asked to also have access to the documents. Another bad time to pass for Alex Jones.

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