How did Algeria save the life of a French entrepreneur?

Despite the problems that Algeria encounter on several levels, it remains unique, special and attractive in particular because of the breathtaking landscapes and settings that it possesses like its desert.

This is a fact confirmed by Pascal Denoël, a versatile French entrepreneur. Bringing together sectors from the two antipodes: adventurer, writer but also boss of the Zekat group specializing in mechatronics, electronics and IT. A tragic accident changed the life of this passionate man, in addition to depression and a divorce, the revelation of this man with multiple hats was Algerian.

Indeed, it was in 2005 after a physical convalescence and a weakened morale that Pascal decided to make a trek in Hoggar, the famous mountainous area of ​​southern Algeria. In a statement to the newspaper Les Echos, the French entrepreneur said “I was at the bottom of the hole. This contact with the great outdoors reinvigorated me, made me feel fully a citizen of the world ”. This destination opened up an adventurous appetite for him, it was also the beginning of his spiritual quest extended to the North Pole, the Amazon or even India.

Algeria, once again ready to welcome adventure lovers

Despite the health crisis of covid-19, the world is breathing after the decrease in the number of cases of contamination Algeria has therefore allowed a reduction in the preventive measures to open the air borders.

However, with the high demand and the few flights offered, the prices offered for flights to Algeria are the most expensive. An observation made on the website of the Lidl Voyages agency. 1802 euros round trip for the Paris – Algiers line, while for the other line, namely Paris – Oran, the price is slightly lower, estimated at 966 euros round trip.

Encouraged by the decline in contamination, people wishing to visit Algeria may be discouraged by the price of tickets.

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