How do they hang "Dating without limits"-Spin-offs together?

In January 2014, the reality series “90 Day Fiancé“in the USA for the first time. And the title calls for a little digression into the US legislation: Here it is possible for foreigners to get the so-called” fiancé visa “K1 It enables entry into the country. However, only those who marry their loved ones in the USA within 90 days are allowed to stay.

From “90 Day Fiancé”, with us better than “Dating without limits“Well known, there are now four offshoots with eight seasons and again around 80 episodes. One and a half dozen spin-offs are added. Not all of them made it onto German screens – but most of the actors are known because they also appear in several parallel Narrative levels emerge – provided their love life is interesting enough. And some are even given their own spin-offs. Many viewers can lose track of which program is telling which topic and which story.

We have summarized it below, the narrative levels first.

“Dating Without Borders: To the Altar in 90 Days”

In the first season, “Dating Without Borders: To the Altar in 90 Days”, six foreigners come to the USA to make their dream of love come true. In the following seven seasons, too, there are a number of lovers who get to know each other across cultures and who want to dare to step in front of the altar in 90 days. There is, for example, the beautiful Jamaican Jay, who wants to be happy with the often disappointed mother of two, Ashley from Pennsylvania. Or the fiery Brazilian Larissa, who is coveted by the inexperienced IT professional Colt. And of course there are many trials and tribulations, disappointments and unforgettable moments of happiness.

“Dating without borders: forever and ever?”

Six couples, twelve stories – and always the question: happy ending or farewell? “Forever and ever?” tells how the newcomers get by in their new home USA after getting married. The viewer learns how they are accepted by the families of their loved ones and the question always resonates somewhere: Is love real or were the vows more for the ticket to the “land of unlimited possibilities”? Which couples from “In 90 Days to the Altar” also have a permanent future?

“Dating Without Limits: Countdown to Love”

“Dating without borders” is not a one-way street, after all, Cupid’s arrows are not tied to a visa. And since the Internet offers plenty of opportunities to get to know each other, where a few thousand kilometers do not play a role, US singles set out on the “Countdown for Love” to finally embrace their online flirt somewhere in the world conclude. The virtual world of love becomes real – in some cases it works well and in many not at all … But if it goes well, these protagonists can be seen again after the engagement – after the engagement – in “In 90 Days to the Altar”.

“Dating Without Borders: Emigrating for Love”

“Emigrating for Love” is once again about US citizens who are drawn out into the world out of a longing for love, to an Ecuadorian village and far-off South Africa, for example. The question of all questions, however, remains: Was the one-way ticket a bad buy? Is love strong enough to live happiness in a foreign country? This spin-off is thus the counterpart to “Countdown for love.”

The most important spin-offs

While some couples in “Dating Without Borders” disappear from the screen for lack of happiness in love, the lives of the others are eagerly pursued. It’s a bit like “Goodbye Germany! The emigrants”.

And if the tension grows too much, it’s time for a spin-off that will then deal with a certain couple, but also with crisis situations or a look back at the beginnings. The main spin-offs are.

Bettgeflüster (“Pillow Talk”)

There is an unexpected reunion with Darcey, her twin sister Stacey and many other protagonists. In this “reaction program” finally comes up what had to be said for a long time … and that for all series. When the stars of the episodes comment on the turmoil of love for the other couples, exciting entertainment is guaranteed.

Pedro & Chantel (“The family Chantel”)

Pedro and Chantel are old acquaintances for “Dating Without Borders” fans. She comes from the US state Atlanta, he from the Dominican Republic. Her story contains the whole spectrum of ups and downs, especially the relationship and the expectations of the two families are discussed. Since July 2019, this has also been happening in a separate reality broadcast. And Chantel’s mother, Karen Everett, has long since become her own spin-off with “Ask Mama Chantel”.

Darcey & Stacey

The spin-off, which appeared in the USA in August 2020, is once again dedicated to the identical twin sisters Darcey and Stacey. While Stacey secretly says yes to Florian, Darcey can look forward to a proposal from Georgi. The sequel already exists and went live in the USA in July 2021.

Was nun? (“What now?”)

Couples like Kirlyam and Alan or Melanie and Devar almost force you to continue reporting about their relationship, because that’s what viewers want to see. TLC doesn’t take long to ask for it and initially produced this offshoot for its streaming service, which was later shown on TV.

“Dating without borders” – and without boredom!

The list of spin-offs and specials could go on for a while. During the corona pandemic, for example, a series was created with couples from previous seasons who were under quarantine and who also did the filming here themselves. Or how about a little kitchen magic on “Spice It Up With David And Annie”, who have really earned their own spin-off after heated arguments?

The creators are not lacking in imagination – you can look forward to further sequels, whereby the time between the season lines is merrily mixed up. That’s a good thing, because after all the motto is: Life still writes the best stories – and doesn’t stick to the director’s schedule.

The original series run alternately on TLC. “Countdown for love” Season 4 is currently running every Monday at 8:15 pm. This is followed by the fifth season of “Dating without borders: Forever and ever?” In November 2021. “Emigrate for Love” Season 2 has been announced for February 2022. Most of the programs can also be streamed directly on the TLC site. You can also see several seasons on Joyn and let yourself fall completely into the stories about love, dreams and passions.

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