How does each zodiac sign end a love relationship?

put an end to one sentimental relationship It is a hard, painful and challenging process. We all have different ways of approaching that situation. some will be more cautious and considerate with the feelings of the other person, but others will want to get out of trouble as soon as possible. However, did you know that some of these behaviors have to do with your zodiac sign? Choose your sign and discover what the sign tells you horoscope.

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He prefers to cut to the chase and in the bud. He doesn’t mince words or believe in second chances. Once he makes the decision, nothing stops him.


He always looks for the moment and the right words to end a romance. It does not intend to hurt the other, but to be as clear as possible.


It is very difficult for him to make these kinds of decisions. He doesn’t know what he wants until the situation gets out of his hands. It is usually very dramatic.


He does not face the situation with character. She prefers to disappear little by little, or not showing interest so that the other cuts off the relationship.


He rarely cares what his partner feels. If she has already decided to end her romance, she will say so without qualms and without considering the consequences.


Like Cancer, he prefers that the other be the one to take the reins and propose to take a break or finish. Virgo will never have the initiative.


Before saying goodbye, give yourself a second chance. If there are no results, he will look for the decision to be mutual so as not to hurt his partner.

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He will be honest and say to your face the reasons why he is ending. Usually it’s because they met someone else or the chemistry was lost.


It will be in the friendliest and most peaceful way you can find. You are concerned about your partner’s emotional health and that they remain friends.


He bursts into tears and there is no one to stop him. Within seconds of the breakup, he already wants to get back with his ‘ex’. He is very emotional.


He prefers to end a relationship in public places, so he avoids scandals and sentimental scenes. He is direct and honest.


He will do his best to bore the person until they leave him. He escapes from confrontations and dramas.


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