How does the new transport minister tick?

Yesterday, especially at the Greens base, many asked in disbelief: What? Volker Wissing becomes newer Minister of transport? Not Cem Özdemir or Anton Hofreiter? For years, the party had been talking about wanting to follow the CSU ministers Peter Ramsauer, Alexander Dobrindt and Andreas Scheuer with a climate and people-friendly transport policy.

But obviously the top negotiators of the Greens did not succeed in the last night’s meeting in noting the Ministry of Economics and Energy, as well as the departments for the environment and agriculture, another relevant for climate protection. also was Rider probably that Ministry of Agriculture more importantcan be heard.

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So now Volker Wissing. What can we expect from him as Minister of Transport? He is known nationwide 51-year-old lawyer rather than Financial expert in the Bundestag and more recently as FDP General Secretary attained. It is therefore worth taking a look at his homeland, Rhineland-Palatinate, where the Winemaker’s son from 2016 to May 2021 not only Minister was for viticulture, but also for business, traffic and Agriculture.

Wissing is well remembered in the state capital Mainz. “Anyone who has the idea that he, as an FDP man, would lobby for Porsche drivers is naive,” say political observers. The minister did have a good time too created with the conservative part of the liberals. He was with you very early E-Tretroller showed up in front of the state parliament, and in Berlin he prefers to use it Subway than the driving service, because he doesn’t want to be stuck in traffic jams.

Analytical, undogmatic and open to new things

Wissing is considered very analytical, undogmatic and open to new ideas. With his Local Transport Act does he have that ÖPNV in the hands of The municipality so that they have more design options. He dealt with the Special purpose associations for local rail transport createdwho are under the influence of the CDU and SPD. If you drive through Rhineland-Palatinate, you cross three tariff associations, which makes the journey unnecessarily expensive. Wissing would have liked to abolish that, but failed because of the perseverance of the associations.

It went better Reactivation of old railway lines. In addition, Wissing had bridges renovated and state roads expanded. New building projects are rare, otherwise the minister would also have hugged the green traffic light partner in Mainz. The coalition there governs quite harmoniously, which Wissing repeatedly emphasizes in Berlin.

E-trucks funded by a commercial vehicle cluster

As state minister, he promoted sustainable drive concepts, for example Hydrogen for trucks. There is a dedicated commercial vehicle cluster that also supported the Mercedes-Benz e-truck that is being built at the Wörth am Rhein plant. In Mainz in the future a Solar ferry Driving autonomously, this project was also initiated under Wissing.

So the man from Landau is no old-style FDP man like Rainer Brüderle. On the other hand, he has not internalized climate protection as much as Anton Hofreiter or Cem Özdemir. The Greens are now betting that the correct lawyer Wissing strictly adheres to the Coalition agreement holds and processes important points: the Extension of the truck toll on lighter vehicles, one CO2-based truck toll, more Investitionsmittel for the Bahn, Preservation of roads instead of a new building.

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The man who normally still wears a suit and tie for work comes of course from a different milieu than the Greens. But people who know him say, “He has a sharp, logical mind. Therefore it is clear to him that the Transport still contribute a lot must so that we can 1.5 degree goal create.”

Wissing has a relationship to nature through its origins. His father is a winemaker, as a child and adolescent son Volker had to Always lend a hand in the vineyard – sometimes into the night. But he didn’t want to take over the winery. Instead, he studied Jura in Saarbrücken and Freiburg, did his doctorate in Münster. He was Prosecutor and Judge at the regional courtwhich speaks for his qualification as a lawyer.

According to his own statement, he joined the FDP because freedom is so important to him. But he historically charges this obvious thought: Being Landau, town of birth was the scene of the so-called in 1833 Assisenprozesses, of the proceedings against the speakers on the Hambacher Fest.

Lawyer, wine connoisseur and organist

With the Liberals he rose quickly, was 2011 state chairman, moved into the state parliament and into the Bundestag one where he was his political group’s financial spokesman and Chairman of the Finance Committee became. Since Wissing is considered conscientious, he followed the wishes of his party leader and confidante Christian Lindnerwho named him in 2020 as Secretary General in Berlin after he shot the hapless Linda Teuteberg. For a few months, Wissing even did this job parallel to his ministerial office in Mainz.

As if Wissing wasn’t busy, he also runs his own law firm for business and inheritance law. He has Wife and daughter, cooks and bakes “not even badly,” as the two of them confirm. Not surprisingly: he loves Germans Riesling and Pinot Noir. Rather surprising: Wissing is Organist and played in evangelical services for many years.

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