How EA is empowering its teams more than ever

The giant Electronic Arts has some of the most outstanding IPs in the history of video games and the company does not intend to stop there. Earlier, we spoke to you about the ambitions of the CEO of EA through the Battlefield license, but the company has also made the news in recent days in relation to the major changes made in its management.

Management gives more and more autonomy to the studios of the EA group

It is with our Gamesindustry colleagues that Samantha Ryan, the general manager of the EA group, spoke about the evolutions of the management of EA vis-à-vis its development teams. The exchange is particularly interesting and evokes many different points encompassing this choice to give more responsibilities and possibilities to the studios.

“The goal is to give a stronger voice to studio management. The knowledge that people like me possess from having been in the heart of the studio action for over 20 years is hard earned. Ideally, this knowledge helps EA executives stay closer to the needs of their studios. »

Samantha Ryan has a very long experience in the sector, both in the marketing sections and in the management of studios whether at EA or Warner Bros. Today, she leads all EA teams focused on racing and sports games. Samantha Ryan mentions in particular known franchises with a strong fanbase invested without radiating as much from FIFA or F1.

“Skate and Dead Space have both been fan-requested for a long time. There are so many cool franchises that there’s no way to bring them all to life. But sometimes, when a strong group of developers have a particular passion, and we see that the fans are just as passionate… fates converge. As a leader, I look for these convergences and when I find them, I try to concretize them. »

It is in this sense that the gain in autonomy brought to the studios can facilitate the development and work around franchises requiring investment, but also passion. The studios can thus freely listen to the communities and produce games in line with the expectations of the respective communities.

“People do their best work when they’re excited about what they’re doing. It’s the way humans are wired. Teams are no different. Passionate developers usually make better games. I remember visiting the creative lead of Star Wars: Squadrons and seeing the drawings he made as a child to find himself in the cockpit of a fighter. This depth of passion is amazing. »

Samantha Ryan’s comments on this subject are particularly interesting and encouraging regarding the Electronic Arts projects expected in the coming years. It will be necessary to see if this really translated through their productions, but what is certain is that a better consideration of the work of the developers on the part of the management can only be beneficial.

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