How I Met Your Father (Disney+): Was Suraj Sharma (Sid) embarrassed to shoot naked?

Now available on Disney+, the series How I Met Your Father reserves its share of comical scenes. Suraj Sharma, who plays Sid, reacts to his nude scene (accompanied by a sex toy) in episode 3.

Were you expecting it? The first season of the series How I Met Your Father is finally available in France… and it’s on Disney+ that it’s happening! The American streaming platform has added the 10 unpublished episodes with us of the fiction derived from the cult How I Met Your Mother. In it, the heroine is called Sophie (played by Hilary Duff in her young version and by Kim Cattrall in her older version). She then decides one day to tell her stories of her youth to her son… and to finally tell him her father’s first name. And the identity of the latter could well be found among the male characters of the series. Who from Jesse (Chris Lowell), Charlie (Tom Ainsley) or even Sid (Suraj Sharma, who granted us an interview) will be the lucky one? To find out, you still have to watch the series! On the occasion of this arrival, Entertainment TV spoke with comedian Suraj Sharma, who revealed a funny anecdote about episode 3… where it’s about pleasure and naughty objects.

A nude scene, with a sex toy, at first very intimidating for the actor

In episode 3 of the series, Sid tries to keep in touch with his fiancée, a young medical intern named Hannah (played by Ashley Reyes). She works far from New York, in Los Angeles. Together, they try to preserve their couple, despite the distance relationship. This is why Hannah has her companion delivered a connected sex toy that she can control remotely. So begins a memorable evening for the two characters, which will not go quite as originally planned… Was actor Suraj Sharma embarrassed at the idea of ​​playing this funny scene?

“I was laughing so much my eyes were crying…” reveals Suraj Sharma

“When I read the script for that scene, I was like ‘Oh my God, do I really have to do this?’. I was very nervous. I was able to work with an intimacy coordinator to play that. I was walking around the film set in a bathrobe, with my… you know, my mess… encased in what looked like a diving helmet from the 1700s. And you know what? It was very fun. Honestly, maybe I even had too much fun. I was just very comfortable doing the thing. I thought I only had to attach the toy to my private parts during the scene, but in fact the only thing I really had to do was go get some wipes because I was laughing so much that my eyes were crying. I wish I could tell you I had a bad time, but I didn’t…” he revealed to us.

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