How is Colo Colo doing with the under 21 minutes in the National Championship?

In Colo Colo, more and more prominence is being given to those trained at home, who through effort and love of the shirt have managed to be a reliable alternative for Gustavo Quinteros.

This is reflected in the irruption of a series of youth in the first team. Names such as Vicente Pizarro, Joan Cruz, Bryan Soto, Luciano Arriagada or Daniel Gutiérrez have been required by DT albo and all have fully complied.

In last Saturday’s victory against Unión Española, the lawsuit began again with a large number of players born in the Cacique’s inferiors; Jeyson Rojas, Gabriel Suazo, Vicente Pizarro, Joan Cruz and Iván Morales.

The good level shown by the young promises Albas is reflected in the large number of minutes played by the U21s, where the Cacique is positioned as one of the teams with the greatest minutes in this matter.

After the game against the Hispanics, Colo Colo reached the 1.348 ‘minutes, fulfilling a 66.9% of the total percentage in almost half of the tournament. In the absence of 17 dates for the end of the National Championship, the Popular 668 missing to meet the 2.016 established by the ANFP.

According to figures delivered by the Professional Football Association until before the match against Unión Española, the player who has added the most minutes is Jeyson Rojas with 1.111′, followed by Daniel Gutiérrez with 550‘and Vicente Pizarro with 320‘.

Yes OK 39 ‘minutes per game is enough for him to comply with the timing, our trained at home they have shown that they do not play by the rule, but because of its great conditions and at any time more than one grabs a starting jersey so as not to let go of it anymore.

Vicente Pizarro has taken advantage of Quinteros’ opportunities fully complying | Source: Sebastián Órdenes / Colo Colo.

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