How Kate’s kids deal with Uromi’s death – Louis asked if he can still play at Balmoral

How Kate’s children deal with Uromi’s death |

Louis asked if he could still play at Balmoral

Since September 8th, the whole world has been mourning the loss of a woman of the century: Queen Elizabeth II died at Balmoral Castle aged 96. Not only did her family lose the Queen of England, but also her loving mother, grandma, and “Gan Gan.” Who gave her that nickname? The son of Prince William (40) and Princess Kate (40): heir to the throne George (9).

So far, the couple’s three children, George, Charlotte, 7, and Louis, 4, have not been seen at any official funeral service. Now, however, it is certain: Prince George and sister Charlotte will attend the funeral service at St. George’s Chapel in Windsor this afternoon.

The Queen’s Jubilee Celebration in June: Prince William and Princess Kate with their children George (left), Charlotte and Louis

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George and Charlotte will join Kate and Queen Consort Camilla, 75, in the car to the Abbey before joining the procession. And what about little Louis? He still has to process the loss of his great-grandmother and doesn’t really understand what happened.

At the grand state dinner, Kate revealed loudly, “ Daily Mail‘ to Australia’s Governor General: Little Louis is now asking questions like, ‘Do you think we can still play those games if we go to Balmoral because she won’t be there anymore?’

Her eldest son, on the other hand, would “already realize how important his great-grandmother was and what’s going on.” Daughter Charlotte can also better understand the Queen’s death. Kate: “They’re fine.” At school, the children are well cared for and taken care of.

The heir to the throne couple often takes their children Charlotte and George to public events

The heir to the throne couple regularly takes their children Charlotte and George to public events

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According to the Daily Mail, the Prince and Princess of Wales have debated at length whether their two eldest children would be able to attend the Queen’s state funeral.

“Of course, as parents, they thought long and hard about whether their children should accompany them. Of course, little Louis is still too young, but they think George and Charlotte are capable of it”.

The hype for the two younger children is not entirely new. George and Charlotte attended their great-grandfather Prince Philip’s (✝ 99) funeral service in March.

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