How long does Coppel repossess me if I have not paid?

How long does Coppel repossess me if I have not paid?

coppel has become one of the favorite stores for Mexicans, because with its departmental card it offers credit to customers so they can buy; However, you have to be very careful, because few people know that Coppel can seize you if you do not pay your debt.

But, How long does Coppel repossess me? if I owe you and I haven’t paid you? the time will vary from one case to another, but you should know that this usually takes a long process, so it can take several weeks, months and even years for them to catch you, that’s why in The Truth News We reveal everything you need to know about

Sometimes interest can harass users to the point that they are unable to pay and it is at that moment that they wonder about the consequences that would result if they stop paying the debt.

Although it is not recommended in any way since the best thing, as we have already said, is to maintain a healthy credit history May it be with us for the rest of our lives.

But in the situation that you have already completely decided that you will not be able to continue paying your debts, you may be wondering if your assets could be taken from you, which is known as an embargo.

By law, indeed, Coppel and almost any other instance of financing could seize your purchased goods, that is, the products that you had bought with your credit.

What is the process like to be able to seize you by Coppel?

If you do not pay on time Coppel can seize you

First, when you stop paying, the store, in this case Coppel, will increase the mechanisms to encourage payment; For example:

  • more phone calls
  • Collector visits
  • Payment adjustments or collection agreements

In case of persisting without making payments, it is passed to the embargo instance as follows:

  • Coppel will sue
  • The debtor receives a notice of demand
  • The lawsuit begins
  • The commercial trial is carried out
  • The judge dictates the verdict with the embargo or not
  • An actuary or executor comes to the home with Coppel’s lawyer
  • A summons will be left with the date of the seizure
  • They are summoned to the embargo even if there is no one at home

It may interest you: How can I find out how much I owe Coppel without going to the store?

However, do not worry because for the embargo to be carried out, the instances that the financing store resorts to involve you and cause a lot of time, effort and money, so almost no one decides to reach these situations and prefer to seek conciliation in the collections, which is why Coppel is unlikely to garnish you.

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