How long is my health pass valid without a booster dose?

The booster dose will be mandatory for the validity of the health pass from January 15, 2022, within a maximum of 7 months after your last injection.

During a speech this Thursday, November 25, 2021, the Minister of Health Olivier Véran announced new health measures in the face of the fifth wave of covid. Among them, the extension of the booster dose to all adults from Saturday, November 27. This generalization of the vaccination booster has an impact on the health pass and its validity.

Here is what you need to know about the validity of the health pass depending on your vaccination situation.

For those under 65: the health pass changes on January 15

You are eligible for the booster dose from 5 months after your last injection – or your infection if you have been contaminated with covid. For example, if your last injection was on June 28, you are eligible for the booster dose from November 28. But there is also a maximum delay.

If you are under 65, from January 15, 2022 your health pass will no longer be valid if you have not completed a booster dose in a maximum period of 7 months after your last injection (or infection).

Extract from Olivier Véran’s press conference on Nov 25, 2021.

Let’s take our example: if you received your last dose on June 28, you are eligible as of November 28, but this also means that on January 28, if you have not completed your booster dose, your health pass. will no longer work.

Same rule for infection, because in this situation, it is the certificate of recovery that makes your health pass valid. So you have a minimum of 5 months and a maximum of 7 months from the date of your infection to take the booster dose.

Note that, during the press conference held on November 25, 2021, Olivier Véran added that the TousAntiCovid application should normally alert you when your health pass expires, specifying how many weeks or days there are left before it expires. deactivation.

Press conference on November 25. // Source: Government

For over 65s: December 15

For people over 65, the same rule applies, but the deadline from which the health pass can expire is December 15, 2021.

What if my vaccination health pass is no longer valid?

If by organizational bad luck you are unable to complete your booster dose on time, your health pass will be deactivated. You will then need to perform a PCR or antigen test. These are now valid for 24 hours, and no longer 72 hours, as a health pass.

Normally, even if you take the booster dose shortly after the expiry date and your health pass is deactivated at the end of the 7 months, it will reactivate after having incorporated your booster dose, including if this dose therefore occurs in delay in relation to this deadline.

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