How long would it take to catch up with the One Piece manga

One Piece is one of the most beloved anime and manga series within the Industry, and it is also one of the longest, in which we can see the exciting adventures of Luffy and his crew, in an immensity of chapters, and with the fact that it is currently in full swing, following Luffy’s expected defeat of Kaido with Gear Fifth.

Something that seems quite striking to us is that all this is summed up in that Eiichiro Oda, mangaka of the series, has already announced that the next arc will be the last. This in itself can cause many to fear that One Piece, which has exceeded a thousand episodes in both manga and anime, may be a few months away from ending.

However, everything indicates that we still have piracy for a while with Luffy, Zoro, Nami and company. And with this in mind and knowing that there will be many people who are interested in reading it before its imminent end, a calculation has been made of the time it would take to read all of One Piece.

According to what has been known through fan research, it has been established that the average reading time of One Piece is 5-10 minutes per chapter. In this way, it is calculated that each chapter lasts an average of 8 minutes. Knowing this, the fans have made a calculation so that to get to chapter 1060 it would be necessary to read 8480 minutes, which is equivalent to approximately 142 hours.

Through this calculation it has been seen that reading One Piece in its entirety and without interruptions, which includes not eating and not sleeping for all that time, would take a total of 6 full days. It must be said that this is unrealistic if we take into account that no character can go that long without eating or sleeping, but if you spread it out a little over time, you may catch up with One Piece in a month.

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