How many bankers were fined so far this weekend XXL?

The National Road Safety Agency (ANSV) reported that “very few cases” of motorists driving on the shoulder were detected since the beginning of the long weekend. The report is related to a special operation to prevent this type of infraction, especially when the flow of traffic grows on the route to destinations on the Atlantic coast.

According to the report, despite the fact that at times some two thousand vehicles circulated per hour at the Samborombón Toll, between Thursday noon and Friday afternoon there were 25 violations.

For the prevention and sanction of this conduct, the body of the Ministry of Transport had 75 agents, 20 patrols, 16 motorcycles and more than 20 drones to cover different sections of routes 2 and 11 and the Buenos Aires – La Plata Highway.

Patrols were also carried out on the Pan-American Highway. To detect and fine bankers, the ANSV registers offenders through the use of drones and patrols of motorized agents circulating with built-in cameras.

According to the interpretation of the authorities, the presence of ANSV personnel at fixed and random points, in addition to ordering traffic, discouraged this risky practice and made the hundreds of thousands of Argentines who took to the roads aware of the importance of driving responsibly. .

Pablo Martinez Carignanoexecutive director of the ANSV, mentioned that “this special operation confirms that the presence of the State is key to preventing road accidents and raising awareness and shows that most drivers, when they are aware that there are controls, respect traffic regulations” .

Facing the end of the four days of the holiday and the return, the national official added that “respect, tolerance and patience are the key words to arrive and return safely. Bankers is a bad word, because there is no place for the ‘living’ in the road culture that we need so much, nor for those who drive drunk or recklessly. We trust that the general good conduct of the game will be repeated on the return”.

To process the images recorded by drones and motorized agents, the ANSV set up a Monitoring Center that is located on the Buenos Aires – La Plata Highway, at the height of the Hudson toll. There, once the offenders have been identified, the process will continue so that they receive the corresponding sanction. In some cases, the ANSV may also request the suspension of the National Driver’s License of those responsible.

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