How many continuous hours can you have an air conditioner on?

How many continuous hours can you have an air conditioner on?

The most important aspects that must be taken into account to use these devices without spoiling them, nor causing damage to health

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19/03/2023 – 11,30hs

In the midst of the heat wave that affects a large part of the country, the use of air conditioners becomes essential. But how many hours can you keep them on? Can the prolonged use of these devices cause them to break down sooner than expected or even be harmful to people’s health and the environment?

The Marketing Manager of the YORK air conditioning brand for Latin America, Daniel Sandoval, assured that using the air conditioner for many hours in a row is not a reason for failure.

“These devices They are prepared to work up to 24 hours in a row without suffering damages. Although it is true that keeping them on for several consecutive days could cause a problem“, he pointed.

The executive explained that conventional air conditioners turn the motor off and on when they detect that it is necessary, so its continued use does not mean that the compressor works permanently.

At the same time, the devices with inverter technology They can also be used for a long period of time, since the motor works constantly and does not suffer with successive stops and starts.; which reduces engine speed to save energy and in turn the refrigerant used to cool the air.

The impact on the electricity bill

However, the situation changes if you think about your pocket. The more hours these devices are turned on, the consumption of the air conditioning will logically rise and, therefore, the electricity bill will be more expensive.

Inverter air conditioners are more efficient for continuous operation.

Inverter air conditioners are more efficient for continuous operation.

In this regard, Sandoval gave some tips to avoid excessive spending without getting too hot. “It’s appropriate to turn on the air conditioning in the hottest rooms and leave the air conditioning in the coolest spaces for emergencies, such as a heat wave,” he said.

He also mentioned that it is appropriate to complement the use of this equipment with other cooling methods when the equipment is turned off, such as fans and the window openings to take advantage of natural air currents, whenever possible. “Many times, these actions are enough for the house to be at a good temperature.”

Air conditioners: how to take care of health and the environment

Despite the different myths in this regard, Sandoval asserted that turning on the air conditioning for several hours, even at night, does not have to harm people’s health if it is used appropriately.

To avoid colds, the best advice is to keep an eye on the thermostat, so that it does not drop below 24 or 26 degrees.. During the day, it can be regulated according to the needs and the heat outside, it is even better to turn it off if at any time the temperatures are more pleasant, “he explained.

Regarding this, he noted that, at night, we will have to be more careful, since it is more difficult to pay attention to the temperature there. “Almost all modern appliances have a night mode, which allows you to set a suitable temperature, which does not overcool and also saves energy.”

However, although the continued use of air conditioning does not have to negatively affect health, it can harm the environment. “To mitigate it, the thermostat must be set at an average temperature, around 26 or 27 degrees. Although the house takes longer to cool down, it will do so progressively and consuming less energy. It is also logical to close intermediate doors and windows, limiting the surface to be cooled , so that the air does not disperse and drop the temperature quickly,” concluded the executive from YORK.

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