How many ounces of gold does the centenary of the Angel of Independence have that is offered up to 90 thousand pesos

Beautiful coin of the Angel of Independence.  (Infobae)
Beautiful coin of the Angel of Independence. (Infobae)

Beautifully designed and minted in pure gold, a coin with the effigy of a well-known monument in Mexico City is offered at extraordinary prices through an internet platform. In this sense, we will announce the main characteristics of the coin and how many ounces this centenary has.

Although the Bank of Mexico (Banxico) has announced that people can market the copies at the cost they want, since they are objects of their property, the ideal is to visit the specialists or a numismatic store to find out what the real value of the coins is.

What are their characteristics?

It is the so-called 50-peso gold centennial, which according to the Banxico this piece was minted in 1921.

The gleaming piece features the renowned Angel of Independence monument on its reverse, along with a background of the legendary Iztaccíhuatl and Popocatépetl volcanoes. Legend has it that these two mountains (Popocatéptl and Iztaccihuatl) represent a maiden and a young Tlaxcalan warrior. Iztaccíhuatl, she was the most beautiful Tlaxcalteca princess ever seen and she deposited her love in the young Popocatépetl, one of the most handsome and brave warriors of her people.

The coin is minted in gold.  (Infobae)
The coin is minted in gold. (Infobae)

While on its obverse an old national coat of arms surrounded by the phrase “United Mexican States” was captured.

How many ounces of gold does it contain?

The gleaming specimen has a content of 1.2 ounce pure goldlike all the pieces of the centenary family, has a purity of 0.900, as revealed by the bank branch.

This copy is sold until 90 thousand pesos for the Mercado Libre platform.

For their part, three coins of different denominations, but minted with the same material, are sold on internet platforms for more than 12 thousand pesos. They were among the first pieces where they captured the face of a national hero.

The piece is marketed through an internet platform.  Free market
The piece is marketed through an internet platform. Free market

And it is that in two of them they placed the renowned Mexican and remembered as “Father of the Nation”, Don Miguel Hidalgo y Costilla, the Mexican priest who carried the banner of the Virgin of Guadalupe, when he created a small Army to start the independence struggle in 1810.

These are pieces minted with a precious metal, as they were designed in pure gold in three different presentations.

According to the e-commerce site, the prices of the copies we are talking about in this article range from 12,500 to 16,000 pesos.

Remember that old coins must be kept in good condition, so it will be essential to clean them correctly and delicately. However, if one of the tiny pieces has a patina, then it’s best to leave it as it is and not clean it, as the patina adds value to it. Patina is a greenish or purple oxide layer that forms on metal due to moisture.

There are some home tips for grooming. Although in case of requiring a more professional and thorough cleaning, it is advisable to go to a numismatic store, which studies and is based on the collection of objects such as paper money, medals or coins. Nor should it be rubbed with any other material that could damage the coin and they can be brushed gently with some type of special towel.


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