How many seasons will the You series broadcast on Netflix last?

Since 2017, the series You is guilty pleasure for Netflix subscribers. They learn about the life of Joe Goldberg, a charming librarian who turns out to be a serial killer. If season 4 has been confirmed by the streaming service, some are wondering, how long will the series last?

Since October 15, on Netflix, it is possible to discover the rest of You. Subscribers can learn the finer details of Joe Goldberg’s (Penn Badgley) new life in upscale California. While playing the perfect family with Love and their son Henry, Joe’s true personality emerges when he has an attraction for his neighbor. But, very quickly, he realizes that he has feelings for his patroness Marienne. A strong connection to the point of having killed his partner and flying to Paris to find his new beloved. If we now know that there will be a fourth season, we may wonder how long will the series last?

You: how many more seasons?

It is not a surprise… The series You is based on novels by Caroline Kepnes. The first season is adapted from his first novel, Perfect, and the second season is based on Hidden bodies (Hidden Bodies). But, from season 3, the series stages a completely new story. She does not adapt the author’s third novel titled You Love Me. Currently, she is working on her fourth novel, the sequel to her latest book. In an interview with Hollywood Reporter, Caroline Kepnes had confided that she wanted to continue writing the literary saga You : “Now that I’m writing the next book, the ending makes me want to continue. So I’m going to carry on with that feeling, as long as it’s in me and as long as the editors want to publish it and the readers want more.”. Good news for fans of You who could see the series develop even more!

When You bat Squid Game

While it breaks all records since its release, Squid Game was dethroned by You. The series created by Sera Gamble has overtaken the Korean series in terms of the most watched series on Netflix. Since its release on October 15, the series has not left the Top 10. According to the ranking of the company Nielsen, it has become the most watched show. Season 3 of You was viewed nearly 2.7 billion minutes viewed against 1.3 million minutes for Squid Game. Good news for the series led by Penn Badgley, recently renewed for a season 4. Upcoming episodes which will be shot soon. The production has only just started, as evidenced by the pictures of Sera Gamble on social networks.

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