How much does a referee earn?

L. Moscoso / Editor

The referees, mainly those who are in the VAR, have given a lot of controversial material when there are barely four days of the World Cup.

Supported by the former whistlers Massimo Bussaca and Pierluigi Collina, they have been concentrating since two weeks before the start of the Cup. As the responsibility is maximum, the remuneration is equal, so the whistlers receive the best salary that has been given to date in a World Cup.

The whistler chosen to be central, has emoluments of 5,000 euros per game and if he is designated for the next phase of direct elimination, he will take 10,000 euros.

The standard-bearers, like the Mexican Karen Díaz, earn 2,500 per game. Those who are in the VAR receive 3 thousand euros per group match. The whistling Mexican Fernando Guerrero is designated as AVAR2 in the game against Wales against Iran on matchday two.

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