How much does the Municipality expect to spend on garbage collection in 2023?

The waste collection service in La Plata adds daily complaints from the front members and also from the opposition that, in each session, presents a project related to the lousy service provided by the company ESUR. How many millions will the company take next year?

The Budget project, which was sent by Mayor Julio Garro and will be discussed on November 29 in the Deliberative Council, provides an expense of 12,614 million pesos for the Sweeping and Collection programwhich is under the orbit of the Secretary of Government, in charge of Marcelo Leguizamon. This represents 60% of the 20,700 million pesos that this municipal government area has projected for next year.

In 2022, the Commune allocated 6,427 million pesos to pay for the collection service, that is, 24% of the total resources. In 2023, the budget will almost double due to the impact of inflation and the same will happen with the budget that will be taken by the garbage concessionaire. On a total expense of 54,333 million, ESUR will take 23%.

ESUR SA has formally operated in the city since 2001 and won the concession again in 2018. The “cake” of resources that was carried then multiplied considerably from the 1,810 million pesos that it billed in 2019 to the more than 12 thousand projected for next year.

In the first year of the re-election of Julio Garro, the company collected more than 1,800 million pesos on a total budget of 9,955 million, that is, it represented 18% of the total. In 2020, the canon rose to 3,344 million on a projected expense of 13,499 million, that is, 25%. In 2021, meanwhile, it collected 4,254 million on a total budget of 16,734 million, also ranking in the order of 25%. In 2022 it plans to receive 6427 million, although the final number will only be known in the management accountability.

The concessionaire generates every week Complaints from fronters who claim that the service is “deficient”either because it does not reach all areas of the district or it does so infrequently that the proliferation of garbage dumps in La Plata becomes inevitable.

The cascade of claims has its sounding board in the Deliberative Council where the Frente de Todos has been presenting a battery of requests for reports that have not yet received a response. Throughout this ordinary period, the opposition councilors demanded from the Municipality information about the controls at the service, the number of vehicles and inspectors carrying out the tasks in each route, or the implementation of the GPS satellite monitoring system stipulated in the contract document.

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