How old is Silvia Pinal today?

Internet users have questioned what is the Silvia Pinal’s agebecause the actress of the Golden Age of Mexican Cinema has surprised several because at his age he continues to work, he has even made it clear that his 90 years It is not an impediment to return to the theater.

And it is that, the Mexican actress caused concern to her fans since she was hospitalized a few months ago, but the famous one managed to recover to continue in the middle of the show business, because we remember that the famous one has had a successful career as an actress.

In the middle of last February we informed you at the time The Truth News that Pinal will star in a musical play. It is worth mentioning that last Sunday, May 8, the premiere of the children’s play “Little Red Riding Hood, what’s up with your granny!”.

Silvia Pinal’s age when she had Sylvia Pasquel

How old is Silvia Pinal today?

Sylvia Pasquel in her childhood

From his youth he had several romances, because he married Rafael Banquells in 1947, two years later they welcomed their first daughter Sylvia Pasquel. The actress had only 18 years old when she became a mom.

And it is that, Sylvia Pasquel was born a month after the birthday of the Diva of the Golden Age of Mexican Cinema, but after a few years, the actress separated from Rafael in the year 1952. At the time, the actress confessed that she married very young to have a more independent life.

Age of Silvia Pinal and Enrique Guzmán

How old is Silvia Pinal today?

Enrique Guzman and Silvia Pinal

Over the years, the actress gave herself several opportunities in love, one of them was with Enrique Guzmán, who currently has 79 years old, while Silvia Pinal’s age is 90 years old. The famous they are 10 years apartbut age was no obstacle to their romance in the past.

It is worth mentioning that Guzmán and Pinal were married in 1967, but they separated in 1976 after the situations that arose in the romance; their relationship became stormy and violent.

How many times has Silvia Pinal been married?

How old is Silvia Pinal today?

Spouses of Silvia Pinal

Despite having had several romances, the famous only married four times. Her first marriage was with Rafael Banquells. They married in 1947 and had a daughter, Sylvia Pasquel. The best man at the wedding was Mario Moreno “Cantinflas”, who gave him 5 thousand pesos at the time.

In the year 1961 he married Gustavo AlatristeAs a result of their love, their daughter Viridiana was born, who died in 1982 in a car accident. She later married Enrique Guzmán in 1967, but the actress’s last husband was Tulio Hernández, whom she married in 1982.

But, the couple separated in 1995. Since then, the famous preferred to dedicate herself to her projects in the artistic medium, but despite the Silvia Pinal’s agethe Mexican actress continues to demonstrate her passion for acting, as she recently participated in a children’s play.

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