How political scientist Filzmaier classifies Wallner’s time off

The Vorarlberg governor Markus Wallner (ÖVP) is now on sick leave for several weeks.

This is happening on urgent medical advice, according to a press release from the state press office on Wednesday morning. The stresses of the past few months have led to physical problems for Wallner. A resignation is not in the room, it said from the office of the governor.

Filzmair: “Not so dramatic”

Political scientist Peter Filzmaier saw the matter “less dramatically than Vorarlberg and half of the rest of Austria do,” as he said on Wednesday evening in ZIB2. Someone is ill and is temporarily not working in his office, but there is a personal replacement with Landsstattalterin Barbara Schöbi-Fink.

“Stupid Prejudice”

The debate about the allegations in the Wirtschaftsbund affair and the processing of the cause continued unabated despite Wallner’s sick leave, according to Filzmaier. It is a “stupid prejudice” that politicians do not work and are overpaid for it, said the political scientist. Filzmair criticizes the personal attacks on top politicians – but political attacks by the opposition must be allowed.

Succession “not so easy”

In the last state election in Vorarlberg, Markus Wallner was a key election motive, and finding a successor was “not that easy”. In the ZiB interview, however, Filzmair brought the name Andrea Kaufmann (Mayor of Dornbirn) into play.

He sees little in common with the resignations of Günther Platter and Hermann Schützenhöfer, the motives for the resignations of the two provincial governors were different.

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