How Spotify wants to make everyone a podcaster

When creating podcasts with Anchor, Spotify’s free platform, you can now easily remove background noise from your recording.

For Spotify, anyone can create a podcast and especially from anywhere. But not everyone has sophisticated equipment and making a recording with your smartphone from a noisy place can result in an incomprehensible podcast. It is to solve this problem that Spotify has equipped its free Anchor platform with a very practical function. In the app for Android and iOS, a new button appears to improve your recording.

Anchor Enhance

Touching this button activates the function Enhance which enhances the voice picked up by your mobile device’s microphone and eliminates unwanted noise that impairs its clarity. Spotify says the feature is effective at removing noise from cafes, subways, and even barking dogs or screaming babies in the background. The good news is that the feature is free. Simply download the Anchor app to benefit from it and you can activate or deactivate it while listening to evaluate its effectiveness. This also allows you to cut your recording, or even add background music.

With Anchor, bought in 2019 for more than 150 million dollars, Spotify continues its investment in the field of podcasts, despite the controversy that took place at the beginning of the year about racist remarks by Joe Rogan. Note that noise reduction is also present in applications such as Zoom and Google Meet, but in this case is aimed at participants of virtual meetings. However, it could make its arrival in Android 13 to improve call quality.

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