How the harpy eagle, emblem of Panama, is even more in danger thanks to “collectors”

The beautiful Harpy eagle it was listed as an endangered species decades ago. Various laws protect it and it is even the national bird of Panama, but today it is more in danger than ever because of the black market.

The risk of the gigantic bird of prey is due to the effort of the organizations of illegal trafficking of exotic fauna that seek to satisfy the demands of “collectors” who want a specimen of Harpy eagle in their personal zoos. The business has precise and complex transnational logistics.

Females can grow to be over a meter tall and can reach a wingspan of 2.24 metres.

This was explained by Felipe Cruz, the regional director of the Ministry of the Environment in the Panamanian province of Col√≥n. As he stated he, in the criminal structures that traffic harpy eagles “Many people are involved, from medical professionals, civil servants, etc.”. Due to its protection, each copy has a very high value.

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