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How to avoid getting conjunctivitis?

At this time of the year, the infections of the eyeball, being the conjunctivitis a very frequent problem.

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What is the conjunctiva? It is a transparent membrane that covers the eyes and inner face of the eyelid.

Therefore, conjunctivitis is the inflammation of this membrane: eye red, with pain when seeing the light (photophobia) accompanied by discharge.

The causes range from a viral infection, a bacterial infection and an allergic one.

The viral cause is currently the adenovirus, reddening of the eye with little yellow discharge, usually unilateral, while the bacterial cause causes a lot of yellow or green discharge and is more bilateral.

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The allergic cause is redness of the eye without discharge. The places where there is a greater contagion of the conjunctivitis viral or bacterial are the pools.

The initial treatment is prevention; wash hands frequently and avoid contact with infected people. If suspected, go to the family pediatrician.

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