How to charge the Nintendo Switch correctly

The Nintendo Switch, being a hybrid console, has the convenience of being able to be used to play both on a TV, as well as in portable mode. The only “problem” with this last option is depending on the battery. Therefore, charging your Switch correctly is something that should be considered, as the wrong use of an incompatible charger can damage the console.

To avoid that your console ends up burning or any other defect, we show below how to load your console correctly so you don’t have problems.

How to charge the Nintendo Switch Pattern

On the back of the console base is the charger port. (Image: Igor Pontes/Canaltech)

The “standard” Nintendo Switch has two ways of charging, either using the base that comes with the game (called a Dock) or charging directly into the USB Type-C input that the Switch has, with the power cable that also comes in the original box. . To use the Dock, just follow these steps:

  1. First, open the back of the Dock, where the Nintendo logo is;
  2. Insert the power cable into the first entry, written “AC Adapter”, and put the power supply in the socket;
  3. Carefully insert the Nintendo Switch in the Dock, with the front of the video game aligned with the front of the base (the one with the console symbol);
  4. If everything is ok, a green light will appear in the lower left corner of the front of the Dock, indicating that the Nintendo Switch is docked and charging.
The Nintendo Switch has a USB-C port for connecting directly to the console. (Image: Igor Pontes/Canaltech)

To carry the console in portable format, it is even simpler. At the bottom of the console, there is a USB-C port, as seen in the image above. Just plug the original charger into the console’s input and plug it into the wall outlet.

How to charge with Nintendo Switch Lite

The compact version of the Switch does not have a dock. (Image: Lucas Arraz/Canaltech)

The compact version of Nintendo’s console has only one way to carry it, as it does not offer a connection to monitors and TVs. Just follow the same steps as in the previous topic: insert the USB-C cable into the socket located at the bottom and plug it into the outlet.

It is worth remembering that the Switch Lite charger and the standard model can be used with each other.

Common errors with Switch loading

Not just any charger is accepted on Nintendo Switch. (Image: Publicity/Nintendo)

As the Switch has a USB-C input, it is common for people to believe that any charger, typically a cell phone, will work on the console. In this case, we can say it is a “half” truth. Whether it’s the standard Switch or OLED, the console needs more power than a cell phone charger can provide. The charger voltage is 5V/15V alternately.

But how to alternate? When the Switch is connected to the TV through the Dock, it needs more power to power not only the game, but the USB cables and HDMI cable that are connected to the base. Therefore, cell phone chargers will not work if you use the console this way. Unfortunately, despite the HORI brand having a car charger, there is no accessory for sale in Brazil that is official from Nintendo. The company even sells on its website, but does not deliver to Brazilian lands.

That said, the safest way to continue charging your Nintendo Switch is to make sure the charger you use has alternating 5V/15V power, so it will work properly in both handheld and docked mode.

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