How to clean the electric oven with a quick and easy solution without using water

Cleaning the kitchen often takes a lot more time than the rest of the house. The most intense dirt caused by cooking food and its residues is not always easily eliminated. Sometimes, one would really like to live in those commercials where everything seems smooth and magical; where nothing is enough to remove dirt, with a wipe of a sponge. Unfortunately, the reality is quite different. Of course, intervening immediately on stains and residues makes cleaning faster and more effective, but it is not always possible, especially for some appliances.

One of these is the electric oven, which is often used, especially in cold seasons, when more hot foods are prepared. Even if it doesn’t seem like it, it is definitely a place where bacteria, dirt and food residues lurk. It is not always possible to clean it properly, either due to lack of time, or because, every now and then, you don’t want to see or think about what’s inside. Often we refer to the next cooking, which, however, sometimes never arrives. The oven continues to get dirty and it is increasingly difficult to clean it.

How to clean the electric oven with a quick and easy solution without using water

Let’s see how to clean the electric oven in a few steps and without the help of chemical additives. First of all, we turn it on and bring it to a temperature of 50 degrees. The process will take about a quarter of an hour. Meanwhile, we arm ourselves with a basin or a small container and go to prepare a batter. We will use four very simple and natural ingredients. The first is the sodium bicarbonate, a true ally for all cleaning. The second is white wine vinegar, another classic in cleaning and disinfection. Together with them, here is the neutral detergent for dishes and fine salt. To spread the mixture we are going to create, we will need a sponge.

For the quantities, we will act like this. Four generous spoons of baking soda, to which we will add half a teaspoon of detergent and four heaped spoons of white vinegar. Finally, two teaspoons of fine salt. We mix everything well to form a paste. After about a quarter of an hour, when the oven has reached the temperature of 50 degrees, we will turn it off.

Patience and care

We will spread the mixture we have created with skill and attention over the entire surface of our oven. In particular we will focus on the grids and on the deepest part, where the hardest residues to remove often nestle. Without forgetting the dripping pan, as seen in many people forget to clean this part of the oven but that is where the dirt lurks.

After having carried out this procedure with care and attention, we will close the oven while it is still hot until it cools down completely. At that point, with another sponge, slightly dampened, we will remove the paste and with it all the dirt. This operation must also be carried out with patience and skill. Repeat until the oven is shiny again.

How to clean the electric oven with a quick and easy solution without using water, a really child’s play that we recommend doing at least a couple of times a month. For it to be really effective and not waste a lot of time.


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