How to delete profiles on Xbox Series X|S, Xbox One or Xbox 360

In short, it is very normal to share a console with a friend or brother, or even to have an old account. However, the friend doesn’t always follow with your account, or you want to delete your old one, so you don’t get confused anymore. In these cases, it may be interesting to know how to delete a profile on Xbox Series X|S, Xbox One or Xbox 360.

Knowing how to delete your profile is also useful if you log into a friend’s console to play an online game together, and then want to make sure you’re not logged into the friend’s console. Whatever the case may be, you can easily remove old profiles and accounts on your Xbox console. See how to delete profiles on Xbox Series X|S, Xbox One, and Xbox 360.

What happens when you delete an Xbox profile?

Credits: Disclosure/Canva
Credits: Disclosure/Canva

First, let’s check out what happens when you remove an Xbox profile. That way, you are aware of the consequences of this act. In short, the process just removes the account that was saved on the Xbox console.

As such, it does not completely delete the Microsoft account. That way, anything saved to the cloud, like Achievements or save data uploaded to Xbox Live, is safe. And so, it is possible to sign into the account on another Xbox using your login information.

If there is local data on Xbox that you haven’t synced to the cloud, please do so before removing the profile. And remember: for this, it is essential to have your console connected to the Internet to carry out this process.

For Xbox Series X|S and Xbox One, your data syncs to Xbox Live automatically as long as you’re online and signed in.

As for the Xbox 360, you need to have an Xbox Live Gold and then you need to access Settings > System Storage > to make sure your recordings are in the cloud and not just on the console.

How to Delete Profiles on Xbox Series X|S or Xbox One

Credits: Disclosure/Canva
Credits: Disclosure/Canva

The process to remove a profile on Xbox Series X|S is the same as on Xbox One. See below what you need to do:

  1. Press the button xbox in the main menu to open the Guide;
  2. Then scroll down to the section Profile and system (marked with your profile icon at the top);
  3. Once this is done, click on settings on the list;
  4. Afterwards, navigate to Account > Remove accounts;
  5. Afterwards, select an account to be removed and then you will see a summary of what will happen once you confirm;
  6. Finally, choose To remove to delete the profile from the console.

How to delete profiles on Xbox 360?

Credit: Disclosure/Canva
Credit: Disclosure/Canva

To delete a profile on Xbox 360, do the following:

  1. Go to Settings;
  2. Then select System;
  3. Afterwards, choose Storage;
  4. If you don’t have an external storage device connected to the system, select Hard drive🇧🇷 If you use external storage, select All devices;
  5. Finally, touch profiles, choose the profile you want to delete, and click Delete🇧🇷

You will have to choose what type of deletion you want. Choice delete profile only to keep the account’s saved games and achievements. if you choose Delete profile and itemsthe process will completely remove everything associated with that account.

Ready! Now you know how to remove profiles on Xbox Series X|S, Xbox One or Xbox 360. If someone has moved out of your house or you need to get rid of your old secondary account, it’s easy to do.

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