How to delete your Facebook account

Do you want to delete your Facebook account because the social network is no longer suitable for you? The process is simple. Please note: this is indeed a deletion of a Facebook account and not a simple deactivation.

Social networks, we register and sometimes we leave them. So goes the life of the net. So are the trends of the web. Who would have thought that MySpace, at the height of its glory, was going to collapse in the face of Facebook’s relentless advance? Is such a fate for the site founded by Mark Zuckerberg plausible, or is the service too big to fail ? Obviously, the younger generations already seem to have decided.

Perhaps you, too, want to take to the seas. If you have matured your thinking, know that it is quite possible to request the deletion of your account – be careful, we are talking about suppression and not from deactivation. The consequences are not at all the same: deactivation allows you to re-establish an account if you change your mind. The other is irreversible.

How to delete your Facebook account?

  • The first thing to do is go to the Facebook site with your computer and log into your account if you haven’t already;
  • Then, at the top right of the screen, you must click on the icon symbolized by an arrow which points downwards and, in the drop-down menu, choose “Settings and confidentiality” then “Settings”;
In the orange boxes, the three steps to access the settings of your Facebook account.
  • In the new window that appears on the screen, the side menu on the left shows you a line called “Your Facebook information”. It’s near the top of the list. Click on it;
  • Then, in the central section, you have a line “Deactivation and deletion”: it is announced “Temporarily deactivate or permanently delete your account”, because two levels of deactivation exist;
Deleting his Facebook account can be found in one of the settings submenus.
  • At this point, you have two options. Attention ! Deactivation is temporary and can be undone. The deletion is final. The social network also makes a reminder of the effects for each of the available choices.

So, explains Facebook, “ When you delete your Facebook account, you can no longer recover the content or information that you shared on Facebook from it. Your Messenger, as well as all your messages, will also be deleted. “. The deactivation is less drastic, because it takes the profile offline, but leaves the possibility of using Messenger to chat.

You who cross this threshold, measure well what you do.
  • If you are clear about what you are doing, click on the blue button “continue deleting account”;
  • Note that you will still have a screen before definitively crossing the threshold of deletion on Facebook: the social network will remind you on the one hand – once again – of the consequences induced by your request (no more account, no more access to Messenger, more data, more backtracking) and on the other hand will advise you to repatriate your data;
  • You might want to get them back before erasing everything, for example to move your photos to another service (like Google Photos);
  • If you still agree, click once again on “Remove account”;
  • You will need to confirm the deletion by entering your password (to reduce the risk of a bad joke from a loved one).

Note that there may still be one or two steps after this request, but that we did not take the risk of inadvertently triggering the effective deletion of the account that was used to navigate the menus of the social network. You will therefore move forward yourself, but at this point, you have normally registered your digital divorce with the social network. The final steps shouldn’t be an obstacle.

Note that in principle, Facebook sets a period of 30 days after the request for deletion, during which you have the possibility, by reconnecting to your account, to cancel the procedure. You therefore have one month to change your mind (before 2018, the deadline was only two weeks) and restore your profile. Beyond that, things will be irreversible. You will have to start from scratch on Facebook if you ever come back to it.

Before deleting the account, be aware of the consequences this entails and take any necessary measures beforehand. You may wish to download an archive of your profile.

There is basically only one password to enter, and voila. But Julien will not go further in this guide.

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