How to find trending songs on Spotify?

How to find trending songs on Spotify?

Do you consider that you are outdated about what are the trending songs around the world and in Mexico? If you’re sick of not knowing the trending songs anymore, let us tell you here at The Truth News that you can solve your problem with a simple music streaming platform: Spotify.

As you know, Spotify is a multimedia services company that today has a whole library of songs from different musical genres, podcasts and even have live events.

Tutorial to search for trending songs on Spotify

Tutorial to search for trending songs on Spotify

If you want to be the life of the party and get to know all the trending songs from the different musical genres, don’t hesitate to use this brief but useful tutorial.

  1. Enter the Spotify platform, either from the Web, the desktop application or from the comfort of your cell phone.
  2. Locate the menu that contains sections such as Home, Search, and Your Library.
  3. Choose Search.
  4. Immediately you will see a whole section called Explore All
  5. There you will notice how there are playlists of all genres you could imagine.
  6. Scroll down until you find another section called Rankings.
  7. Choose the Top Songs Mexico.

Now you will have access to the ranking of the most popular songs of Spotifybeing this just one of the Tips to get the most out of your account, remember that this list is constantly changing and that in the same way, you will be able to find the Top global songs and even weekly rankings.

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What is the Top of the most listened to songs in Mexico on Spotify?

Shorty Party of the Cartel of Santa and La Kelly.

The most listened to song from Mexico on Spotify is Shorty Party by Cartel de Santa y La Kelly.

To give you an idea, as of today and at the moment, the 10 most listened to songs in Mexico are:

  1. Shorty Party of the Cartel of Santa and La Kelly.
  2. Karol G and Shakira’s TQG.
  3. PCR of Natanael Cano and Featherweight.
  4. AMG of Gabito Ballesteros, Natanael Cano and Featherweight.
  5. Junior H and Oscar Maydon Weekend.
  6. El Gordo Brings The Command of Chino Pacas.
  7. Ch and the Pizza of Fuera Regida and Natanael Cano.
  8. Come back from Carin Leon and Grupo Frontera.
  9. Shakira: Bzrp Music Sessions, Vol. 53.
  10. Bebe Dame from Fuerza Regida and Grupo Frontera

Now that you know how to search for trending songs, you will be at the forefront and you will never ignore any trending song again, because you will have heard them all on Spotify.

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