How to freeze last seen on WhatsApp

THE “Last seen on WhatsApp” is one way for your contacts to know the last day and time you opened your WhatsApp. However, it can compromise your privacy. Currently, there are two ways to prevent your contacts from seeing your last seen.

The first way can be activated through the official WhatsApp. Meanwhile, the second option is to use WhatsApp GB. GB WhatsApp is an altered version of official WhatsApp in its source code, to bring more functionality to the app.

However, it is worth noting that we do not recommend using the application. This is said, because the GB WhatsApp is made through websites that you can’t know the origin. Therefore, the file may come with malware and viruses. Also, you might end up getting banned and not using your official WhatsApp anymore.

How to freeze your “last seen” view on WhatsApp?

How to freeze last seen on WhatsApp
How to freeze last seen on WhatsApp

So far, freezing last seen on WhatsApp is still not possible. In short, the feature is only available on WhatsApp GB. However, there is a way to restrict contacts who see the last hour you were online.

For that, check below, the step-by-step for the configuration:

  1. open the Whatsapp;
  2. Then click on three dots from the upper right corner;
  3. Once that’s done, enter “settings“;
  4. Afterwards, go to “Privacy“;
  5. Finally, find the option “last seen” and choose from three options:
      • All: In this configuration, even those who are not your contact can see the last time you were online;
      • My contacts: only those who are added to your calendar and added you will also see your last seen;
      • Nobody: Not even your contacts will be able to see your visa last.

Okay, now you’ve learned how to restrict access to your “last seen”.

How to freeze last seen through WhatsApp GB?

WhatsApp GB
WhatsApp GB

According to what we mentioned above, WhatsApp GB is an application with more functionality than the official WhatsApp. However, its use carries risks.

Despite this, through its use, there is the option to freeze your last seen once. That is, your contacts will see the date and time you opened your WhatsApp, and last frozen your visa.

To do this process, you need to follow the instructions below:

  1. open the WhatsApp GB;
  2. Then enter “GB WhatsApp Option“;
  3. After that, click “Privacy and Security“;
  4. After that, just choose the option “freeze last seen“;
  5. That’s it, now no one else will see when was the last time you accessed the app.

Furthermore, it is worth mentioning that to freeze your visa at last, you must download and install WhatsApp GB. This is done through websites on the internet, where the file is available.

In short, installing WhatsApp GB is very similar to installing official WhatsApp. However, you won’t find it on the Google Play Store. This is because it is not an official app.

In addition, it is important to note that downloading the unofficial application brings more risks to the security of your personal information, as well as the functioning of your smartphone.

The app store performs security tests on an app before making it available for download. So, be aware of the risks of WhatsApp GB before you decide to use it, and back up your WhatsApp conversations.

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