How to invest your savings to have a good return

In Piazza Affari there are many stocks that have a very high dividend yield. If we only look at those with returns above 7% and capitalization above € 500 million, we find that only 16 companies meet these criteria. If, then, we add another criterion to make a ranking, we see that Generali Assicurazioni is in first place, followed by Banca Generali and A2A. For this classification we used information reported in specialized magazines such as the stability in the dividend payment, the history and the pay-out.

These three stocks, therefore, could be a good way to invest your savings to make a good return.

Other good reasons that make the title interesting

Whatever the indicator used, A2A appears to be underestimated. In particular, the price / earnings ratio expresses an undervaluation of about 40% compared to the average of the reference sector. The Price to Book ratio also expresses undervaluation, but limited to 10%. In addition, the company enjoys attractive valuation levels, with a capitalization-to-turnover ratio of 0.2. A very low level compared to other companies in the sector and beyond.

Finally, as we said earlier, this stock is of great interest to investors looking for yield. The dividend distributed, in fact, has always had a good yield and is currently around 7.7%. Also for the future, analysts expect returns in line with the current ones.

According to what is reported in specialized magazines, the analysts who cover the stock have an average target price at 12 months which expresses an undervaluation of more than 60%. However, it should be emphasized that the dispersion between the different recommendations is more than 20%.

How to invest your savings to have a good return

The title A2A (MILA2A) closed the session on 19 September at € 1.071, an increase of 0.94% compared to the end of the previous session.

At present, the graphic situation of A2A is very uncertain. As can be seen from the graph, in fact, the prices are suspended between the levels beyond which either the bearish projection or the bullish projection would take hold.

On the upside, the level to be monitored passes through the 1.1157 euro area. A close above this level could trigger the bullish projection indicated by the dotted line. On the downside, however, the level to be monitored passes through the 1.0525 euro area. In this case, the bullish projection would be the one indicated by the solid line.

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