How to know if you are begging for love?

At some point in your life did you feel like you were begging for love? Maybe it happened and you didn’t realize it, because all you wanted was to be next to the person who supposedly loves you. When the self esteem it is rock bottom and there is no self-esteem, the human being becomes more vulnerable and allows humiliation as if that were normal. Keep in mind that true love builds and does not destroy.

the psychologist comments that love should be reciprocal, you should never beg. Demanding something that does not come naturally can be dangerous for the self-esteem and mental stability of each of us.

The love that is begged is not love, it is a lack of dignity, of respect towards oneself. That’s why when we really love someone we take care of them and try not to hurt them. Now, realizing and saying goodbye to the person who does not love us or show us affection or attention requires a space so that we can understand what is happening to us. Hurts? Yes, and a lot.

Understanding this loss leads us to reflect and overcome, because the anguish of realizing that someone does not love us makes us feel that something is eating us up inside. We feel that this ‘no love’ has betrayed our feelings and has laughed at our ability to love.

We have to give ourselves the space to get angry, to deny the reality we are living, to fantasize, to be horrified, to fall, to ignore and know the parents that were broken and those that are still intact, to recompose the mixed feelings, heal and return to get up to start.

How to know if I beg love?

It is always you who takes the initiative.

You give everything and you receive nothing.

There are no signs of affection, interest and affection towards you.

You feel alone even when in company.

Through your actions, words and efforts you want to get his attention, but you don’t get results.

Advice: Don’t wait for your love to reciprocate, don’t wait for people who show you that they don’t love you, don’t wait for someone who has no interest in you.

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