How to know if your partner is manipulating you? Know the main signs

manipulative people They don’t usually have many scruples, once they detect your weak point they will use it to do what they want with you. They will make you give up your needs, tastes and values, to put their own ahead. At first they make you feel good, but over time they subtly envelop you in their web, alienating you from your family and friends. Many of the manipulators who fail to achieve their goals end up being violent. Do you know someone like that?

The psychologist Lucila Bergonzi comments that manipulators are usually insecure people, with low self-esteem, but they try to give the opposite image. Their fears and insecurities are covered up under selfish and domineering attitudes.

The insecurity of the manipulator

The manipulator’s insecurity makes him use techniques to solve his problems based on active or passive aggressiveness. They tend to be selfish and have an obvious deficit in social skills that leads them to first use subtle means to get others to do what they want. Over time they will show their true face and their aggressiveness will be on the surface.

Due to the insecurity they feel, they are uncomfortable in all kinds of relationships, be it at work, with their partner, or at their study center, and they will judge others all the time, making them see that they are right in all.

What are the characteristics of people who are manipulative?

The characteristics of manipulative people are: a low tolerance for frustration. Every time they experience situations that they consider to be frustrating, they react with rage, they become alert and attack out of intolerance, they use the destructive criticism or even physical and verbal aggression in case they feel threatened.

They use others to achieve their ends whenever they can, unless the person puts an end to that exploitation. A manipulator does not usually let his prey go free, but rather tries to get the most out of it by asking for ever greater sacrifices.

What are the signs that you are being manipulated?

He corrects you in a soft and subtle way so that you do not realize it and obey him.

Turns conversations and situations around with the aim of playing the victim.

He punishes you with his silence, ignoring you and treating you badly. On top of that, she reproaches you and tells you that she behaves like that because of you.

It causes you to do things that you really don’t want to do.

You end up apologizing for things you know you didn’t do and you do it to calm him down.

He goes in and out of your life as he pleases, because he knows you are available.

You end up wondering what you did wrong and why you have to live through all this.

If the person changes reality at will to make you think, feel or act as he or she wants, then he or she is manipulating you.

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