How to look at a wedding without overshadowing the bride? Pay attention to these three tips

The marriages, In addition to the symbolic and romantic moment, they are the perfect pretext to show off our more striking and elegant garments. We prepare weeks and even months in advance. But many times we are overcome by emotion and we forget that we we are not the protagonists, but the bride.

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Therefore, there are certain details that we must consider to do not overshadow the queen of the show and let her enjoy this day that she waited with so much love.

from avoid doing embarrassing shows to wearing the wrong outfit. It does not mean that the dress is not ideal for you, but that It’s not the right time to use it. Let the bride shine on her day and Try not to be the center of attention.

Claudia García, image consultant, He details three of those tips:


Unless the dresscode tells you to, never choose a white dress or a very similar pastel shade.


If you are from the close family circle, or you know that yes or yes you are going to appear in the official photos with the bride, avoid wearing dresses with a plunging neckline or with a very tight and short skirt. Pull the eye and it is the bride who has to attract attention.

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Respect the marriage dress code. If it is elegant, go with a long dress or one piece. If it’s half sport, you go with something more cocktail. Do not try to ‘figure out’ because the star is another!


If the wedding is during the day, avoid dark eyeliner, overload your makeup and opt for neutral tones. But if it’s night, you can risk a little more.

Do the same with your hairstyle. Do not stay in the classic straightened and loose hair, encourage yourself to wear bows, or tails.


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