How to lose weight naturally? Discover how chia can help you

Classified as a superfood, chia is highly recommended to help you lose weight and because of its benefits for the body and the mind, in addition to the fact that it is easy to obtain, preparing it does not have any science and you can add it to your salads, fresh fruit waters, protein shakes and in some oriental-style stir-fries, take note!

In The Truth News we want to tell you that before consuming it, you should leave it soaking in water for a couple of hours, you will see how it sponges slightly and the liquid becomes a bit thick, this is the sign that it is ready to blend it or add it to your carrot juice with orange and also in this form it is much easier to digest.

We recently told you how to avoid gaining a size without having to follow a diet, but now we tell you that regardless of your body weight, you should always include a couple of minutes of strength exercises a week in your weekly routine, although if you don’t have the time to go to the gym, you can also opt for a daily walk of at least 30 minutes.

This is how chia helps you lose weight

How to lose weight naturally?  Discover how chia can help you

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In your fight to reduce sizes, this seed will be a powerful ally from now on, as it stimulates the body’s satiety with its high fiber content, helps burn fat faster and also improves intestinal transit, likewise inhibits the feeling of craving between meals, of course you must keep a schedule for this to work.

As it contains antioxidants, it promotes the elimination of toxins from the body efficiently, especially since it leaves the passage free for the intestine to better absorb zinc, niacin, manganese, boron, copper and essential fatty acids, if consumed daily in any of the the foods mentioned above.

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What people should not consume chia?

Because it is a natural anticoagulant, it is not recommended for people who take anticoagulant drugs or aspirin, it also includes people who suffer from low or high blood pressure, people who suffer from diabetes and those who suffer from allergies to nuts. or seeds.

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